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01:08:21 PM Jul 6th 2014
Would Avengers #200 count? As noted by Linkara in his review, in the story itself removing the brainwashing and rape from it would have made everyone's actions FAR more understandable and less Out Of Character; while it became important in later stories, in the original story itself it was just pointless.
06:56:43 PM Oct 30th 2013
Just asking, but wouldn't Batgirl Spoiled count? First episode ends with Stephanie Brown, beaten by some thugs that she would be able to take on in the comics, who then decide to rape her until the Gotham Sirens save her. It was Gratuitous for a number of reasons, both with the fact it didn't fit the tone of Stephanie Brown's series, didn't fit with the Nolan-like presentation (guy's got issues with women but as dark as his Batman films were, no one got raped in them), anything would have fit better, the villains reason behind it made no sense (Killing a Bat won't make anyone remember you, but raping one will? How? How is that more respectful than killing her? If anything, that would give you FAR less respect since, besides that one time, even Joker doesn't rape people), and looking at it, it feels like it was just an excuse for the camera to pan over the actress' body in tight spandex which given the context of the scene just makes me want to throw up upon realizing.
07:04:51 PM Oct 30th 2013
My issue is that the Attempted Rape was pretty much the point of the episode. It's hard for it to be gratuitous when there wouldn't really be much of a work without it.
01:05:24 PM Jul 6th 2014
I completely forgot about this. Anyway... While that's true, it didn't HAVE to be an Attempted Rape. An attempt on her life or even just the severe beating she took during the fight would be enough to justify her being traumatized by the event. Given it could have easily not been rape, it falls under gratuitous.
01:15:49 AM Apr 13th 2012
This trope describes rape scenes that derail the plot or are unnecessary to the overall story, right?

If that's so, why are there examples of works where rape is the plot? I wouldn't think those actually count, seeing as how removing the rape actually would affect the story and significantly alter it. One of these examples that doesn't seem to fit is Custers Revenge, because rape is literally the entire plot of the game.

If that type of stuff does fall under the definition of Gratuitous Rape, then maybe somebody could add that bit to the description of the trope itself in order to avoid further confusion? I dunno, I'm just pointing stuff out. What does anyone else have to say about it?
01:24:02 PM Jun 7th 2012
edited by DA
Whoops, didn't see this!

The idea behind including them was that the rape is SO gratuitous that it's taken over the plot. "Rape Without Plot" sounded a bit Too Rare To Trope. Sadly, we really can't do much about that now, as they've apparently nixed this trope.

EDIT: Actually, it looks like they've nixed ALL rape tropes!
03:43:21 AM Jul 2nd 2011
"* Plenty of it in the Death Wish movies.
  • Scarcely, the rape o friends and family is Charles Bronson's motivation to kill the bad guys."

Natter deleted

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