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06:04:31 PM Dec 16th 2013
Do we really need to have this be a Self-Demonstrating Article? I feel that, in this case, it's detrimental to the article's overall readability.
07:58:48 AM Sep 23rd 2014
If the line in question is "many viewers will have some idea what going on, no regard native language." I agree.
01:00:08 AM Aug 26th 2011
Can someone tell me why this article has such a huge Japanese slant? It's not like the Japanese are the only ones who use Gratuitous English.
07:30:16 AM Jun 6th 2011
I realise accuracy typically doesn't matter much here, but blatant falsehoods should perhaps be corrected. The line "That's in contrast to Chinese or French, whose speakers favor making new words based on Chinese or French rather than using foreign words." is simply untrue.

While the formal bodies that determine the "official" versions of those languages reject English loanwords, they are commonplace in the language use of virtually all native speakers of Chinese and especially of French.
10:32:17 AM May 2nd 2011
The Anime and Manga page ought to have the image of an orange from One Piece anime episode 322 with the tagline: "A ORANGE?!"
02:31:27 PM Aug 12th 2010
edited by
What about the Japanese version of Cardcaptor Sakura?

All the Clow cards names is in English.

The Manga was also released in English and Japanese in japan to help japanese children learn English and is was discontinued in Japan because people outside of Japan was importing the english manga
02:25:38 PM Aug 12th 2010
What about the Japan-only XBOX game Metal wolf chaos?

The voice acting is in English.
05:18:26 PM Jul 12th 2010
edited by Midna
Saving the old image here in case we keep the new one.

06:42:44 AM Jul 12th 2010
Perhaps an extra section should be created for titles of anime and manga? I suspect this trope is very common there.
  • Mahō Shōjo (=Magical Girl) Lyrical Nanoha
  • Kidō Tenshi (=Battle Doll) Angelic Layer

... more?
01:07:30 AM Jun 15th 2010
What about the infamous "Fry Me to the Moon" at the end of every Neon Genesis Evangelion episode
11:12:05 AM Mar 21st 2010
edited by DonZabu
In a world where Anglish and High Icelandic exist, you'd think somebody would have some sort of objection to this phenomenon.
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