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09:34:01 AM Sep 28th 2013
How exactly do Grand Theft Me, Demonic Possession, and Split-Personality Takeover differ? I've seen all three used, but a lot of tropers seem to think they're interchangeable.
05:23:38 PM May 27th 2016
edited by Sotesf
You're right, some examples of all three are mixed together here and there; it really just needs to be better organized; Check Body Snatcher for the differences.

1) Demonic Possession means they can get better if what ever is possessing them is removed, or that the possessor is using to possess is removed.

2) Split-personalities are not quite a different person, they can be formed as a coping mechanism, like a person with a desire to not be a certain way, ends up fighting a primal desire to do something.

  • Like for example an alcoholic, or some one trying to lose weight, horny people going "f//ck it, I'm gonna do it(eat, take pain-killers/drugs/alcohol, or masturbate) anyway". Making that out to be a "dark version" of themselves they cant accept (despite it being just different hormones they might not be used to effecting their own judgement) because they dislike the actions they take when controlled by their emotions.

  • Or, someone in a Crapsack World having an understandable urge to punch someone bad, and trying to hold it back due to their morals; but also keep it bottled up because they seem to think that its only possible to be good or evil, letting it effect them till it becomes a disorder. Instead of either doing what Hakuryuu from Magi did when Zagan tried to break him by talking or just realizing Good Is Not Soft and understanding that those feelings are normal.

  • Who hasn't found themselves autonomously going to the kitchen more than once for a snack, when they had not stocked up on them, even if they knew there was no snack. Or trying to keep their secret identity of going out doing things with an adrenaline rush effecting their judgement, then coming home being mild-mannered with nothing effecting their judgement, and not seeing the masked version as a different version of themselves. I know I have had a hard time keep from forming a distinction.

3) For the GrandTheftMe as it sounds is like when you pull a person out of a car to steal it in the Grand Theft Auto games, cant quite call it Demonic possession when you leave the previous driver behind.
  • Jackie Chan Adventures Shendu uses astral projection to project himself into Jade's dormant body and possess it.(she was also astral projecting at the time leaving her body in a Convenient Coma).
  • The Avengers have this done by space phantoms who place their own souls in the heros' bodies and the heros' disembodied souls are displace to where the phantoms came from.
  • There seems to be one missing, Cannibal from Marvel's "Black Panther", in comicbooks; since he basically jumps from body to body, and the host is pretty much dead each time he does it, and he also retains all of their memories while hes in a body as well; or is this a deliberate exclusion?
07:19:15 PM Oct 29th 2010
Ever notice how the actor playing the host body suddenly gets a lot hammier when they get posessed? This trope seems to lead to Evil Is Hammy a lot.
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