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10:53:42 PM Mar 19th 2012
edited by Angewomon
Okay, so how many of these characters really fit Good Is Not Soft more than Good Is Not Nice? Dr. Tenma from Monster is listed on both pages, and I think he may fit the former better rather than latter. The one about Takeru/T.K. from Digimon Adventure 02 may also belong there instead of on here as well (or maybe even in Beware the Nice Ones instead).
09:24:19 AM Feb 12th 2012
edited by Icarael
Can a Knight Templar be considered Good Is Not Nice?
12:59:39 PM Feb 12th 2012
edited by LordGro
I don't know, but this kind of question is best taken to the Trope Talk forum.
02:01:56 PM Nov 21st 2011
I'd like to add this example, as I think it fits the trope perfectly, but I'm worried about Flame Bait. What do you think?

God, especially in the Old Testament. If God is a loving parent, Old Testament God was definitely of the "spare the rod and spoil the child" school of child-rearing.
06:39:16 PM Jun 19th 2011
Captain Hammer lacks the "unwilling to kill people part of the description. Should we put it someone else?
10:10:39 AM Apr 18th 2011
Should not one of the numbers be that he wants them to learn for themselves?
06:31:54 AM Jan 31st 2011
Would DiZ/Ansem the Wise from Kingdom Hearts count? Yes, he's definitely a good guy, but he's also a bit of an asshole, especially to Riku, Roxas and Namine.
09:18:01 AM Nov 16th 2010
Remove to Lelouch and Suzaku, Really are examples of Affably Evil.
04:28:34 PM Nov 10th 2010
What I first thought when I heard this subject name is the (powerfully true and completely neglected in our culture) idea expressed succinctly in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe when one of the children asks if Aslan is safe.

"Safe, who said anything about safe? Of course he's not safe . . . but he's good." (From memory)

That is, that which is truly good is not necessarily gentle and sweet. A good parent must sometimes punish their child. A good government (with limited resources) must sometimes deny perfectly valid requests.

But this doesn't seem to be quite what this is talking about. To refer to my example, Aslan is not anti-social, but neither is merely nice or safe.

Is there a named trope that directly refers to this? What do you think about this idea?
12:05:02 PM Sep 1st 2010
Deleted the Real Life section. One of the keys to this trope is a lack of moral ambiguity. Since that's nearly impossible to establish in real life, I believe this section should be left out.
08:29:06 PM Aug 20th 2010
House: would he even count as "good"? It's more like his neurotic and obsessive hobby has the nice side effect of saving lives. Most of his actions are either amoral or downright immoral. After all, we're talking about the man who kills babies and destroys families to solve his puzzles.
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