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09:06:31 PM Nov 22nd 2012
Removed from Web Animation, due to the links being broken:

06:52:22 PM Sep 6th 2012
Given the laconic definition of this trope, its trope namer doesn't actually fit it. Rohan aren't "unlikely" allies of Gondor; they've been its closest allies for hundreds of years. (And in the books, there's absolutely no doubt about whether Rohan will help Gondor - the question is how quickly they can get there, and how many troops they'll be able to bring given their need to protect their own borders.)

So this trope needs a new name.
07:04:45 PM Aug 16th 2012
Teoden: Gondor calls for aid you say. Where was Gondor when the Westfold fell? Where was Gondor when Uruk-hai burned our villages? Where was Gondor when we pillaged Gondor? Oh...
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