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07:19:02 PM Oct 31st 2010
As written, it looks like a whole society changes from modernity to tribalism and a low tech lifestyle — which would make it not an example. What we need here is another group that an individual is joining.

  • The Chozo in the first Metroid Prime, or at least the ones from Tallon IV, resigned to all their years of technological advance and returned to living as peaceful, humble tribes.
    • Well, not quite - they still retained a measure of technology in order to keep Metroid Prime locked up, after all - but the Primals from Metroid Prime 3 are more suited to this, what with them slaughtering the Lords of Science on Bryyo and subsequently descending into murderous tribal savagery.
11:26:28 AM Jun 20th 2010
Removed natter: [Re:"abducted" by "savage injuns"]
  • Thats the Happiness in Slavery argument.
  • That, and (correct me if I'm horribly wrong) weren't those sorts of abductions somewhat common in a number of native cultures? Seems to me like an effective method of preventing inbreeding, if your women are being carried off all the time (and subsequently replaced in the same manner).
  • Oh yeah. "I'm sorry for taking your dear little daughter. It was necessary to prevent inbreeding". That is a Straw Darwinist argument.
  • Isnt one of the reasons people call each other savages because distasteful customs are common among them? After all kidnapping(in the form of mass slavery of Africans and occasional nabbing of people as specimens to show back home) was a "common custom" in a number of white cultures too. Does that magically make it better?
  • This whole idea is an obscene example of Moral Myopia and Political Correctness Gone Mad. Kidnapping was a "common custom" among both white cultures, and native cultures and indeed many cultures all around the world. So were a lot of other evil things. It was just as evil when done to whites as it was by whites.
  • It's worth noting that "kidnapping" of brides in these cultures was often a highly formalized institution designed to let the husband-to-be to demonstrate his manliness to the potential in-laws. They were in fact often mutually consenting affairs. Similar customs have existed in almost all cultures; a modern remnant still exists in the custom where a newly wed husband carries his bride over the treshold of their marital suite.
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