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09:31:58 AM May 25th 2011
Quick question: Since Goggles Do Nothing applies to any kind of accessory that seems to have no function, shouldn't Goggles Do Something Unusual apply as well?
09:40:24 AM May 25th 2011
To justify my reasoning, I'm thinking specifically of Supernormal Step. The author, Michael Lee Lunsford, has something of a Fingerless Gloves fetish - almost everyone in Supernormal wears them. Typically, fingerless gloves are a perfect example of Goggles Do Nothing. The gloves are almost always worn for simple Rule of Cool. However, Lunsford chose to justify everyone wearing fingerless gloves by giving them a function which was explicitly stated in the comic. As such, this seems to be a great example of Goggles Do Something Unusual, but the trope description states that it only applies to eyewear.
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