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01:47:30 AM Jan 2nd 2012
The short story "The Testament of Magdalen Blair" by Aleister Crowley (yes, that Aleister Crowley) is about a woman who develops a telepathic rapport with her husband that doesn't end with his death, meaning that she gets to find out what happens to you in the afterlife. It turns out that your soul decays along with the rest of you, but you retain some sort of hideous awareness until you're nothing but dry bones.

She therefore attempts to buy enough dynamite to completely destroy her physical body, because being vaporized right now is preferable to the risk of living any longer, possibly dropping dead at any moment, and having to undergo that ultimate horror. However, the story implies that, rather than her being driven insane by her ordeal, her response is the only one that a sane person could make, and we'd all do the same if we knew what she did. So does this count?
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