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09:10:41 AM Nov 19th 2014
Pulled this from music, since it's no real-life examples:

  • Florence Foster Jenkins, a rich American heiress so convinced of her singing ability that she rented the Carnegie Hall to prove it. Described by the other Wiki as an American amateur operatic soprano who was known, and ridiculed, for her lack of rhythm, pitch, tone, aberrant pronunciation of libretti, and overall poor singing ability, her concerts were so notoroius that the Mc Gonnagal effect applied - people packed the gigs out just to listen to her. She took this as proof of her great talent. Recordings exist.

Left Maria Cross because I'm not familiar with zhir, but the singer appears to be doing a character? And possibly can sing really? Does that count as fictional?
10:11:39 PM Jun 18th 2012
If we can't have Real Life examples anymore, should we pull the page quotes as examples of people complaining about the real-life William Mc Gonagall?
11:25:12 PM Aug 9th 2012
Well, but it is where the term was coined.
10:55:50 AM Feb 2nd 2012
  • The Sandman: Destruction is bad at absolutely every form of art (and he's tried quite a few), but continues to throw himself into them with aplomb and doesn't appear to be aware of his lack of talent. He isn't convinced he's a genius, though. (And he might be decent at cooking, since there was nothing obviously wrong with the one meal he served on-screen, but we'll never know since nobody ate it. Although Delirium tried the Greek coffee and didn't like it.) Gaiman has claimed in The Sandman Companion that the act of creation is more important to him than the actual quality.

[My bold]

Doesn't seem to mesh at all with:

DO NOT POST EXAMPLES JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE BAD. They must be not only bad, but deluded, as demonstrated by either comments they've made or their sheer persistence.

Destruction is perfectly cool with the fact that he's not awesome at any of this stuff. Sure, he's persistent, but charmingly (perhaps even admirably) so, and not through any form of self-delusion.
10:13:32 AM Aug 27th 2011
Has Charlie Sheen crossed the threshold for this trope, I wonder?
08:51:11 AM Mar 2nd 2011
Should the various Real Life examples simply be merged into the other topics? (For instance, the Music category contains the real-life Elva Miller, but not Florence Foster Jenkins, who's in the Real Life category).
09:04:25 AM Apr 1st 2011
An alternate possibility: create a "Real Life" topic bar, and then sort the categories under that.
09:41:22 AM Jan 6th 2011
These entries have a lack of neutrality, and need lots of editing in any case:

  • Rob Liefeld is a well known comic artist who co created Deadpool, Cable, and his atrocious art work, he is known for his art over sexualizing female characters while injecting male characters with so much testosterone that if someone looked like that in real life Even The Men Would Want Him; some art work has men with bigger muscles then their head and women with thinner stomachs then their own wrists (Which in his art style is rather thin) and asses the size of their head. He cautously avoids feet and hands, probably becuase he simply just cant get size right, and is regularly considered the worst Comic book artist ever... That doesn't stop him claiming he's one of the best (and insist that he's like those other celebrities who gain monumental success but then become paria's afterwords, even comparing himself to Brittney Spears), partially because for some strange reason Marvel didn't fire him until he made his own company (Which he was then fired from himself, yeah, he was fired from the company he co founded because he was that much of a terrible person), he also regularly compplains about people changing his vision of characters, such as when Shatterstar and Rictor finally kissed, he complained that it wasn't how he, and he alone, saw them. He also has a long list of people who imitate elements of his style which made it even worse.
    • While some see his artwork as So Bad, It's Good, the few times he writes something it's just terrible, he hasn't even came up with an original idea for a character his entire life, Cable was originally just a ripoff of any tough as nails Anti-Hero, Deadpool was originally a ripoff of Deathstroke, and his 'original' ideas for Image Comics and Awesome Comics, the Youngbloods and Agent America, were just poorly covered up ripoffs of Teen Titans and Captain America respectfully, in fact if not for later writers the original two wouldn't be nearly as popular.
  • While on the talk for Comic book writers, Chuck Austing may in fact be the worst comic book writer ever, he attained some success in a War Machine book before being hired to write for the X-Men, firstly he flanderized Nightcrawler's religiousness to make him become a priest, who would somehow become pope (WTF?) whose image inducer would short-cuircit to reveal his demonic appearence to a large group of people, while comunic wafers would cause people to disintegrate (Again, WTF?) convincing them the Rapture was happening (Which the Catholic church doesn't believe in) and to avoid damnation would then convert to The Church of Humanity (Try to piece how that makes sense). He also made Nightcrawler's father Satan and claim that the devil and all demons were actually a part of a race of mutants (Despite real demons already being seen in previous X-Men stories) who all look like Kurt but with some changes while Angels were all mutants with large bird wings (Case of Did Not Do The Research as the bible originally described Demons as beutiful looking and Angels as terrifying so it wouldn't even work) who trapped his species in another dimension out of Fantastic Racism, so his father tries to get his army free by making a bunch of teleporting children who will become brainwashed into making a portal to free all of his minnions and fellow deomonic mutants. Now we could talk about how he essentially had Havok leave his PTSD suffering girlfriend Polaris (Who was derailed massively) for a Mary Sue based on his wife, or how he had Jubilee and Husk visit the latter's brother's grave and instead of mourning him, they talked about sexual fantacies. He does admit he 'misplotted' but denies being a sex obsessed mysogynist, despite evidense to the controry and claims that a secret organisation of people use message boards and forums to insult him on professional and personal level, why he hasn't been diagnosed with sectioned is beyond us all.
06:20:51 AM Jun 30th 2010
Concerned about the entry for Edward George Bulwer-Lytton, who may be the only case on the list of Informed Giftedly Bad. His writing is far from universally criticized; in fact, truth be told, it's actually generally not that bad. His most universally "reviled" line, "It was a dark and stormy night," isn't even actually a bad opening line - it's just so famous that it's been stolen by vast numbers of lesser hacks, and most people associate it with Snoopy's atrocious writing.

That said, there are clearly some people who do consider him Giftedly Bad, and I'm not sure how to communicate the schism without breaking the "one author" rule.
02:46:25 AM Sep 11th 2010
Deleted it. Snoopy writing the line in the mid-20th century isn't the same as Bulwer-Lytton doing so in his day. I'm gathering Snoopy's style is very cliché-ridden?
03:35:55 AM Sep 11th 2010
Bulwer-Lytton should definitely be on the page in some fashion, though "informed Giftedly Bad" isn't a bad way to put it, and his style (and/or the style of his times) does come off pretty stilted to modern ears. But the man inspired a celebrated annual bad-fiction contest.

As for Snoopy, he is probably Giftedly Bad as a writer. A Running Gag in the strip concerned his writing efforts, and the accompanying endless stream of rejection letters.
06:26:29 PM Jun 1st 2010
Tommy Wiseau is described as having raised "£6 million dollars". Just wondering: How much is a pound-dollar worth?
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