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03:47:09 PM Oct 10th 2016
Some of the examples are just normal-sized (rather than giant) crabs. Should these be removed?
04:31:54 PM Oct 10th 2016
Which ones? There are some works I'm not familiar with so I can't judge their examples directly.
07:23:01 PM Aug 26th 2015
edited by kahlzun
Does Phantom (The giant lava crab/scorpion/whatever boss thing) from Devil May Cry Series count as a Giant Enemy Crab? It even has a Weak Point for Massive Damage. I couldn't see it in the list, but it is sufficiently non-crab to raise doubts for me.. EDIT: Decided to add it anyway. Keeping comment here for discussion if necessary.
09:08:16 PM Aug 26th 2015
Looks more like a Giant Spider to me
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