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04:12:24 AM Jul 20th 2010
Okay, so fans of Ghostwatch generally agree on three things: 1) Some of the acting gets shoddy at times, 2) the climax is a bit OTT and 3) It's chilling to the point that seeing an actual ghost might be less scary. So, given 1) and 2), how the hell does it manage to achieve 3)? How is it that it manages to make thematically similar Hollywood productions like The Ring and The Sixth Sense seem like a walk in park (and I mean the nice kind of park, not the kind with butchered labradors)?
08:06:59 PM Feb 26th 2011
Nothing is Scarier comes to mind. And having BBC hosts as part of it give it a nice grounding in reality versus going to a theater and knowing that it is all just a movie staring someone who died in another movie tops it all off.
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