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05:12:22 PM Apr 28th 2011
edited by Lolzords
Page quote

Shouldn't the page quote be changed to credit Bill Bailey, instead of what show he said it on? I'm posting it in discussion instead of outright editing it because I'm not sure on the protocol for page quote-ness.
01:41:21 AM Mar 10th 2010
Dok Enkephalin: Anyone notice how many of these German comedians have Jewish names? Let's face it; Germans are just not a humorous people.
08:50:51 AM Mar 12th 2010
edited by Tolkiendil
No, I don't notice, nor do I see what you're trying to tell. What "Jewish names"? As far as I can see, no one in the list has a name that would be considered "stereotypcally Jewish". And the Jew on the list, Heine, doesn't have a "Jewish" family name either. ... Unless you refer to Bible-derived given names, but those are more or less a staple in the Chistian-influenced Western world.
07:41:14 AM Mar 15th 2010
Morgenstern has a Jewish name, but wasn't Jewish. Ringelnatz is just a pen name. Otherwise I don't see the point either.
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