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08:29:10 PM Aug 16th 2011
The part on Saxony seems to be written by someone who only has remote knowledge of the area. "Nu" isn't used outside of Dresden, for instance. The type of pancake called "Plinsen" is just adopted from the Sorbs and has similar names in most slavic languages. And Yiddish. And English... see Pancakes are called Eierkuchen, which is true for most of the East, while the West calls them Pfannkuchen. Pfannkuchen as known in the East are called Berliner, Krapfen and god knows what else instead in the rest of Germany. There is this JFK "Ich bin ein Berliner" anecdote, of the Berliners thinking he said he is a pastry. Too bad that Berliners don't call them Berliner, but Pfannkuchen... Then there's also a distinct dialect called Erzgebirgisch, though it's slowly dying out. That one is pretty much unintelligible to anyone from outside the areas it's spoken in, including other parts of Saxony.

TL;DR: most of the people who talk about the dialect only know it through TV, often in the form of bad impressions by people who also only know it from TV. Which leads to weird inaccuracies. That said, Saxons also dislike the dialect as spoken by someone from a different city. Dresdeners are said to sing by those from Chemnitz - and vice versa. And both don't like the variant spoken in Leipzig...
07:22:48 PM Jan 1st 2012
Holy crap, now I'm even gladder... is that a word?... to be from a part of Germany where no dialect is spoken. Now my only lingual burden is the ever so slight German accent when speaking English, which I don't even hear myself somehow. Heh. That said, I know a bunch of "Ossis" from a Metal festival, all from Saxony, and even though they come from various cities (among them Chemnitz and Dresden), they all spoke the exact same dialect, though admittedly the intensity varied mostly proportional to the age of said Ossis. I also once got screamed at by someone at a bakery in Berlin, because the small kid that was I had ordered a "Berliner". "Det heisst Pfannkuchen!" What a bitch that was, I was a child, I was from four hundred kilometers away, how would I know?
08:12:40 PM Jul 31st 2011
Should something be said about the German dialects spoken in other parts of the world, like Pennsylvania Dutch?
05:54:44 PM Aug 10th 2011
edited by LobsterMagnus
Sure, Why Not?? The articles already covers not only dialects from Germany, but also those of Switzerland and Austria, plus some extinct East European variants. There is no reason to restrict it just to Europe.
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