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04:01:28 PM Apr 10th 2012
Cut a load of Natter from the Buffy entry:

  • One possible explanation is that the "one Starbuck's town" line (delivered in the first episode) may just be typical teenage exaggeration. At that age, no matter where you live, the next town over always seems so much bigger and cooler...especially when the next town over seems to be Los Angeles.
  • To be fair, either the community college or the university, or both, were alluded to in the first season, when Buffy says that Angel is a college student tutoring her.
  • The airport is regional too; Giles is seen asking for a flight to London via LAX.
  • This is mostly due to Sunnydale being a stand in for Santa Barbara, which has all the locations mentioned. Santa Maria may account for the inland POV.
03:19:39 PM Jul 7th 2010
Now is that a real life example or not?

  • Burlington, Vermont. University? Check. Two smaller colleges? Check. Community college? Check. Beaches? Check. Mountains? Check. Docks? Check. International airport? Check. Castle? Sort of (two 18th century forts are in driving distance, plus Wilson Castle, In Proctor, about an hour and a half away). Number of Starbucks: One. Population? Less than 40,000, which makes it smaller than the usual definition of a "small town" in MA or NY.
    • If that's as close an example as any one can find in real life, this trope really is pure fiction, then. Burlington is still small enough that, Extra-Strength Masquerade or not, Sunnydale's murder rate would cause panic and an exodus. Burlington's airport is international only because it is so close to the Canadian border; it's really, really tiny as airports go. Counting 18th-century forts within driving distance as castles is a big reach.