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05:52:55 AM Sep 17th 2013
  • Any mooks in any all-against-one martial-arts movie fight scene ever. Seriously, after seeing the first dozen or so of their fellows being fed to a human blender, you'd think they'd re-evaluate their strategy, but no. Unless they're relying on Conservation of Ninjutsu (which, being genre blind, they aren't).
    • It's the last Mook standing who you really have to feel the sorriest for. If only he'd ever seen a martial arts flick, he'd know to just smile and walk away at that point.

Could tropers please help write up individual examples for each of these links-as-examples?
07:46:00 PM Apr 30th 2012
Is there a separate term if the *audience* is Genre Blind? That is, the movie is presented and marketed in a way that it's not clear what exact genre it falls into, and as a result, the audience doesn't know what tropes to expect or what Willing Suspension of Disbelief to do?
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