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06:02:51 AM Dec 7th 2016
Shouldn't it be "compare Cloudcuckoolander" instead of "contrast Cloudcuckoolander"? Or at least "compare and contrast". Genius Ditz and Cloudcuckoolander seem to overlap, actually. On the Cloudcuckoolander Trope page, "The Fool" is even listed as comparable to it; and Genius Ditz is a sub-version of The Ditz, which is comparable to the Fool.
02:10:05 PM Nov 15th 2011
edited by DaibhidC
Double post, don't know how that happened.
02:10:03 PM Nov 15th 2011
edited by DaibhidC
Cut some of the Real Life examples, which seemed to be "This actress played ditzes, but wasn't really one at all". Which ... is someone who isn't a ditz at all. Maybe we should have a trope for Dumb Character Smart Actor, or (more likely) this just isn't tropable, but I'm pretty sure it's not this trope.

  • Jayne Mansfield. She was typecast as a dumb blonde but had an IQ of 163, was fluent in 5 languages and was classically trained violinist and pianist
  • Similarly Judy Holliday had an IQ of 172, was well educated, had a good knowledge of ballet and classical music and was a huge reader
  • Marilyn Monroe was also an avid reader who enjoyed classical music and had a sharp wit
  • Porn star Juli Ashton is almost a stereotypical airhead with a squeaky voice, little girl giggle and blonde hair but is a university graduate with a high IQ and once worked as a teacher.
    • She majored in history, and taught at a middle school. You don't have to be particularly smart to do either of those things.
      • Quite a few history majors and teachers I think might disagree.
12:24:02 PM Aug 29th 2010
From the main page:
  • Dean Winchester can turn a broken Walkman into a fully functional electromagnetic frequency (EMF) meter. He rebuilt his incredibly rare 1967 Chevy Impala after she was annihilated when a semi ran into her in the Season 1 finale. What can his book-smart, Stanford-educated, younger brother Sam do? Hotwire a car and drive it (and Dean can probably do that better than him).
    • The above seems to imply that since Dean is good with cars, Sam is therefore talentless, which doesn't follow. The category is Ditzes with only a single area of expertise, and neither of the Winchester brothers fit. Sure, Dean is a brilliant mechanic and Sam is a brillian hacker, but they are also both experts in weaponry, obscure folklore, pop culture (Dean), arcane languages (Sam), pool (Dean), poker (Sam) and much, much more. And neither one is anything close to being ditzy.
    • Also: Is there a trope for the irrational Sam-hatred demonstrated by many Supernatural fans?

Can someone who actually knows the show sort out if there's an example in there somewhere?
12:49:40 PM Jul 24th 2010
Couldn't this page and Idiot Savant be merged into one page?
10:53:19 AM Oct 3rd 2010
Yeah, I'm not really seeing the dividing line between them. Idiot Savant just seems to be a slightly more extreme version of Genius Ditz, they aren't really separate tropes.
04:17:27 AM Mar 12th 2011
It seems the only difference is that a Genius Ditz is The Ditz or The Fool whereas the Idiot Savant is The Ralph Wiggum, so yes I suggest a merge.
01:54:26 PM Jan 21st 2013
I think that Idiot Savant should be merged with The Rain Man as both these posts seem to imply a person with mental illness with expertise in one area. Genius Ditz should be kept separate because it suggests that a person is merely stupid outside his area of expertise, not mentally ill.
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