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01:16:35 AM Jan 24th 2013
I yet to meet a woman who doesn't want all men dead.
01:18:25 PM Feb 18th 2011
I remembering seeing this one other movie on Lifetime forever ago. It was a man who woke up after being placed in a cryo-chamber some decades before by the Army. He left behind a sweetheart.

Eventually, it comes out that men had been wiped out (with a few survivors like him, but that doesn't come out until /much/ later), and that Woman has rebuilt society. They have used in-vitro from donor sperm and eggs. The Matriarch of the 'clan' he woke to seems to hate him as he seems to jump from girl to girl. Eventually, one of the women gets pissed that he 'cheated' on her, and kills him.

It comes out at the very end that the Matriarch had been his sweetheart, and that was why she hated him.
12:19:08 PM Mar 22nd 2010
Mr Death: On the subject of The Female Man, it's been years since I read it, so I don't recall the exact reference. Thinking about it, it might have been a reference to the women of Jael's world developing either a male-targeting bioweapon, or developing the reproduction system of Whileaway. I seem to remember Janet realizing something of this, or at least realizing that it could be true. But like I said, I read this five or so years ago, so the details are fuzzy at best. I admit to being a little annoyed when I wrote the original entry.
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