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07:17:39 AM Mar 27th 2012
Removed the following entries...

  • Chrono Crusade. The manga allows most of the main characters to rebuild their lives after the events and generally be happy, particularly Rosette and her brother Joshua. The anime, on the other, not so much. You can't call the manga ending completely 'happy', but it shines by comparison, at least.
    • On the other hand, Eureka Seven was the opposite with the Manga having a sadder ending then the Anime.

...for the following reasons:
  • Chrono Crusade's manga ending came out around the same time as the anime ending, and as far as I can tell, the changes were more of a directorial decision than any attempt to truncate the plot.
  • Eureka Seven was Anime First, which meant that the manga started and ended after the anime and should not be considered a cut-off either.
06:52:41 PM Apr 6th 2011
Is it just me or does the gecko metaphor still make no sense?

"For those who didn't understand the metaphor, the manga is the gecko, with the tail cut off for the anime. The anime then proceeds to grow a new tail, or ending. "

I thought the anime was the tail that got cut off the manga? So what is the tail growing a new tail for? Or are there two geckos, one for the anime and one for the manga? Will the anime help me save on car insurnace in 15 minutes or less?

Near as I can tell, the metaphor either makes no sense or is explained *really* poorly. Can anyone give a good reason why this should be voted on for renaming?
05:10:27 AM Apr 26th 2015
Looks like it's been reworded since then and... still makes absolutely no sense. "For those who didn't understand the metaphor, the original work is the gecko, with the tail cut off for the adaptation. The adaptation then proceeds to grow a new tail, or ending." So the original work is the gecko. The adaptation is its severed tail. Then the severed tail (adaptation) grows a new tail? What?

I'm going to take a stab at making this coherent. It might not exactly match the intent of the original writeup, but it's still an improvement over nonsense.
05:48:02 PM Feb 26th 2011
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I've just found this site and started reading it, so I hesitate to write down any modifications, but I think Gunnm and Gunnm Last Order, although entirely in manga, could be added to the list. Around halfway of writing what would be the ninth volume, some (undisclosed) event in the author's life prevented him to carry the story as far as he wanted, so he wrote a somewhat rushed ending to the story so it would not remain unfinished. However, several years after that, the author decided he was ready to retake the story, so he ignored the latest chapters in the ninth volume and retook the story halfway through it with Gunnm Last Order, claiming that that was the (still ongoing) true ending he envisioned for Gunnm. - guillep2k
02:05:53 AM Dec 27th 2010
Would it be prudent to change the title of the page to "Gecky Tail Ending" to make the meaning a bit more... understandable?
05:15:14 PM May 6th 2010
Smapti: Removed...

  • The new Battlestar Galactica is a similar case. The original ended abruptly before Galactica made it to Earth and the spin-off show where they finally did was de-canonized. So instead they concocted an ending where Galactica randomly jumps away from the climactic battle with the Cylons and all-but dies in orbit over a random habitable planet (which just happens to be Earth). It's a YMMV case because as stirring and powerful a finale as it was, several major plot elements (and characters, for that matter) are not given their proper (if any) resolution and a whole load of Ludd Was Right proselytizing is also shoved in the viewers' face before the end too.

...from the main article. It's not an example of a gecko ending because it was produced 30 years after the original series concluded, and it's explicitly not set in the same continuity anyway.
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