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08:00:50 AM May 8th 2014
Developers of Wild Season, a farm sim plus social sim features, announced same-sex relationships as the 3rd feature on a list of 13. Listed above 3 major core gameplay features. Leading of course to the question, if that included animals <>
07:31:34 PM Jul 19th 2010
edited by CCMars
My my, it seems someone with an IP address for a username had a little freak out about Persona 4 (see the edit history). I'll give them the Christmas thing, but the group date and Magician SL 8 do come pretty damn close. I also find the gap between the dates they did all the deleting and the shots at Yaoi Fangirls and fanfiction writers rather interesting. A valid point in general, but with this game - and considering some of the other entries on this page are technically even less of a gay option - I have to wonder if our Mystery IP Address has actually played it themselves. *shrugs* Then again that's just me.

I'd like put back the group date and the Social Link at least (okay, I actually want to re-add all of it for the lulz, but I'll be nice) if everyone is okay with that.
01:49:26 AM Aug 17th 2010
Add it, add it! Whoever that person was, I bet they wanted to just hate and delete a bit.
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