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03:52:10 PM Nov 21st 2016
The phrase "Log Cabin Republican" is used in a few of the entries. I assume from context that this means gay Republican, but it might be an idea to spell that out in the trope description (and why it means that?)
03:27:06 AM Mar 8th 2012
Thank whoever got the article into it's current form for acknowledging that not all conservatives are anti-gay. Its true a fairly loud vocal portion of our leadership wastes its time stumping on this issue but a large swath of the conservative base could care less and it actually runs counter to our brand of conservativism (rights of the individual goes all the way for some of us.)

And to the person above, you can't generalize the Tea Party anymore than you can generalize the Occupy Movement. Both are large groups of fed up people trying to express their political frustration and tripping over themselves because they didn't compare notes before hand on what they were frustrated about leading to calls like "Its time for fiscal reform!" "Yeah! And circumcision needs to be banned" "Yeah! Wait What?"
12:22:34 PM Jul 28th 2011
Lately this trope has been cracked down on in American politics by the antics of our new ultra-right-wing "Tea" party. Cracked down HARD. For instance, look at Michelle Bachmann. Her own husband runs a Christian clinic to pray the gay away. The homosexuals have been demonized to some extent by every last conservative running for President, to say nothing of the other politicians.

The Tea Party's Socialism witch-hunt has found itself a scapegoat in the so-called "Gay Agenda" conspiracy, and they've been beating that excuse to death at the detriment of their own gay voters. They literally believe gays aren't just evil, they're DEMONIC AND OUT TO RECRUIT THEIR CHILDREN AND DESTROY FAMILIES AND ULTIMATELY AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT.

I fear for the Gay Conservatives. They're being treated like Jewish people among early Nazis FROM WITHIN THEIR OWN PARTY. Sorry to pull a Godwin, but it's been reaching ludicrous levels as of late, even for me, and I'm an economic conservative myself!

This trope may soon be dead, replaced with Armored Closet gay republican.
08:26:04 AM Mar 12th 2012 have no idea how conservatives work, do you?
01:51:15 AM Jan 20th 2011
"The impact of this trope may be somewhat lessened in many places outside of the United States, such as in Britain, where fiscal conservatism and social conservatism are not so closely bound together. Like the Republican Party, Britain's Conservative Party has a decidedly bad history when it comes to gay rights, but unlike the Republicans, they currently campaign on a broadly libertarian and somewhat gay rights friendly platform, and have not whipped on homosexuality issues for around fifteen years."

I had to delete this because it's exactly the kind of nonsense that would be in the real life section if it weren't banned. But it keeps popping back in the main article like it's got a special exemption!

More to the point, its whitewashing lies. Let me tell you a little story.

Michael Howard led the Tories once and wrote section 28. William Hague led the Tories and sacked Shaun Woodward for opposing that awful law. And which up and coming homophobe was waiting in the wings to take his seat? David Cameron, current leader. The Tories rewarded original bigot Michael Howard by making him the previous leader and Cameron gives successor bigot Hague another job in the cabinet. If Tories are genuinely ashamed of their homophobic laws thens stop putting the people who wrote them in charge.

I don't want to have to delete this every few weeks. It is exactly the kind of thing that Real Life example bans are supposed to keep out.
02:18:00 AM Jan 20th 2011
edited by OllyOllyOxenFrei
Calm down dude.

While the deleted section is a bit of America-bashing and the ban on real-life is fair play, any comparison between Tory and Republican attitudes on homosexuality is so far off base as to border on the ludicrous.

- The Tory party does not refer to gay marriage/civil partnerships as a threat to traditional values, nor do they actively campaign to stop it.

- The Tory party does not support the witholding of benefits from partners in homosexual relationships.

- The Tory party (even regional Tory parties) does not support the criminalisation of homosexual intimacy, like the Texas GOP does.

- Cameron allowed a free vote on homosexual adoption, something that would be unthinkable in the Republican party.

I'm actually pleased that you live in such a place where you think the modern day Tory party is so atrocious on gay equality issues. Be thankful you don't live in America, because, really, it could be much, much worse.
07:31:19 PM Jan 25th 2011
Section 28 aside, the Tories have a tepid neutrality-to-opposition to homosexuality these days. Especially seeing as even most Tories support gay marriage (although not as much as Labour or Lib Dems).

(By the way, Section 28 was a whip issue for the Tories, so it's not surprising Woodward got sacked that way. And the whole sacking people for disagreeing is just as endemic in Labour).

Surprisingly, after crunching the numbers, the Tories have a greater proportion of gay M Ps (11) than Labour (8). The Lib Dems have slightly more than both, though (3, plus Hughes).
02:01:45 AM Sep 21st 2015
David Cameron? A homophobe? Really?
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