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01:42:15 PM Dec 3rd 2016
Regarding a trope being "overused"

This sentence: . A form of Positive Discrimination, it was probably originally meant as a subversion, but has become so overused that it's now a subversion when the character doesn't have significantly better than average skill.

There has to be a better way to phrase this- I can't think of it at the moment, but there's something inherently natter-y about complaining about a trope "being overused". And is that really a subversion.... "girls can't/don't play games" used to be a trope/something that appeared a lot. Like, what are we going to do? Make a trope for "girls who game and are better than average" and "girls who game and are worse than average.." ... this is just getting ridiculous lol. I mean maybe I am just misunderstanding this trope and as Zanreo says, this trope just needs clarification beyond "a girl who plays video games and is better than average as an intended subversion". Under the current definition due to my meager understanding of it (lol), pretty much everyone fits -_-'; The Real Life examples are confusing too, full of people who qualify to be a "good female gamer" — which, since there are a lot of gamers, and a lot of them are female, and there are a good bunch who are above average, a lot of people qualify here.

Like, what is so special about this female gamer character that makes this a trope? I'm getting kind of confused here... Is it because she's token? Is it because this is a common subversion that has now become a trope? (And maybe I'm not reading/watching the same media the person who wrote the original sentence mentions, but I don't see this trope at all really, "overused" is definitely too subjective/natter-y here.)

I feel like just editing it out thoughtlessly would provoke an edit war/remove whatever it was trying to say, but I have no idea what it's trying to say, really;. Any suggestions for how we could clarify this?
05:17:14 AM Apr 25th 2013
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So I'm a bit confused - is this trope simply about female characters that like video games, or specifically female gamers that somehow make a big deal out of their gender/the series makes a big deal of it? The laconic simply says "female video game enthusiast" while the full description seem to specify it's when a big deal is made of them playing games and being a girl/woman, even saying "a female character playing games doesn't automatically make her a gamer chick". And when looking at the examples, a bunch of them seem to just be "girl that likes games" even when her gender isn't made a big deal of regarding this. So... which one IS it exactly? I assumed it was the second one, however a lot of the examples seem to regard ANY female gamer character as this, even when they might not fit the other specifications.
02:00:23 PM Dec 3rd 2016
Me too, like Zanreo, I'm confused. I'm with Zanreo here: This trope needs a lot of clarification...

Is this trope just about "females who game" or is it about a popular subversion "here is a girl, oh she games and she's really good, surprise!" or is it about a "token gamer girl who is good at gaming" or is it about "a gamer who makes a big deal out of her gender" or a "gamer of which the media is always making a big deal out of her gender"?

The examples are making my head hurt. (As Zanreo says, they fulfill everything..) Since no one responded in two years, should we just go ahead and ask the person who made the trope?

05:26:12 AM Jan 22nd 2013
What about the fact the most game protagonist are male, wouldn't that make girl gamers angry?
10:23:31 PM Jan 20th 2013
Should it be stated that girl gamers hate boy gamers because they only here from trolls that threaten rape?
11:23:42 PM Jan 20th 2013
No, it's unnecessary.
02:04:56 AM Jan 22nd 2013
That is what Feminist Frequency said about what male gamers do to her so she should represent this trope.
04:27:39 AM Jan 22nd 2013
Just because a video creator who happens to fit this trope said something doesn't mean that it's (a) invariably the case or (b) necessary.
01:54:29 PM Dec 3rd 2016
are you trolling lol? Tvtropes isn't the place, man. We're here to discuss tropes, not provoke flame wars

But if you're seriously asking, as Telcontar says, (1) what one person said does not embody the trope (2) that assumption is (obviously) incorrect (although you're probably trolling so lol, you know that already, everyone does) (3) From what I can understand, this trope is not about "every gamer who happens to be female" and whatever they do in real life (btw, most female gamers seem to be about the same as their male counterparts from my experience, besides being somewhat long suffering about fanservice/and the few people who treat them different if they have an obvious girl username, there are some minorities that enjoy the attention i guess, same as G.I.R.L.s- but then again there are distaff counterparts). Regardless, whatever happens in real life, should not apply to this trope, as this is a trope in "fiction", and about the depiction of (an above average female gamer? I think? character in fiction). If we are doing a discussion about real life, that goes somewhere else haha.

11:26:19 AM Dec 17th 2012
This carries over to online fora, where real-life girl gamers attempting to attract attention by referring to their gender is generally met with a disinterested eye-roll except in the most socially maladjusted fora where it is met with both excitement by some and a LOT of hostility by others.

This is just not true. Plenty of forums, even ones that have my respect, will knee-jerk gush at a Gamer Chick.
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