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05:17:14 AM Apr 25th 2013
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So I'm a bit confused - is this trope simply about female characters that like video games, or specifically female gamers that somehow make a big deal out of their gender/the series makes a big deal of it? The laconic simply says "female video game enthusiast" while the full description seem to specify it's when a big deal is made of them playing games and being a girl/woman, even saying "a female character playing games doesn't automatically make her a gamer chick". And when looking at the examples, a bunch of them seem to just be "girl that likes games" even when her gender isn't made a big deal of regarding this. So... which one IS it exactly? I assumed it was the second one, however a lot of the examples seem to regard ANY female gamer character as this, even when they might not fit the other specifications.
05:26:12 AM Jan 22nd 2013
What about the fact the most game protagonist are male, wouldn't that make girl gamers angry?
10:23:31 PM Jan 20th 2013
Should it be stated that girl gamers hate boy gamers because they only here from trolls that threaten rape?
11:23:42 PM Jan 20th 2013
No, it's unnecessary.
02:04:56 AM Jan 22nd 2013
That is what Feminist Frequency said about what male gamers do to her so she should represent this trope.
04:27:39 AM Jan 22nd 2013
Just because a video creator who happens to fit this trope said something doesn't mean that it's (a) invariably the case or (b) necessary.
11:26:19 AM Dec 17th 2012
This carries over to online fora, where real-life girl gamers attempting to attract attention by referring to their gender is generally met with a disinterested eye-roll except in the most socially maladjusted fora where it is met with both excitement by some and a LOT of hostility by others.

This is just not true. Plenty of forums, even ones that have my respect, will knee-jerk gush at a Gamer Chick.
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