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09:09:51 AM May 31st 2012
Conspiracy theorists tend to see the Elite's plan of a combination of Xanatos Gambits and Gambit Speed Chase with the occasional Batman Gambit.
08:59:02 AM May 31st 2012
Isn't this arguably Parodied in the Phenias And Ferb episode where they build the Supercomputer?
08:56:05 PM Jan 27th 2012
Isn't both Gambit and Roulette in the same title kind of redundant?
10:56:54 AM Feb 1st 2012
Gambit has, at the very least, the connotation of being subject to strategy (eg playing poker) while roulette is intended as pure chance. Having both indicates that someone is attempting to strategize when playing a game of pure luck. I would consider Roulette Gambit a more appropriate title; I personally envision many competing gambits with random chance determining the victor while this way seems more like a luck-based plan.
04:35:07 PM Jan 23rd 2012
I ran a Find and Replace of Xanatos for Gambit to accomodate the new trope name. Made sure to fix the Gargoyles entry afterwards.
11:22:05 PM Jul 23rd 2011
Cut this:
* Max in Strange Days has a fairly coherent plot to kill off several people, including his lover Faith's boyfriend, and frame his best friend Lenny for the crimes. He might have gotten away with it had he not stopped to monologue and had Faith not turned on him to save Lenny.
Because if it's a fairly coherent plot, then it's not a Xanatos Roulette.
06:26:27 PM Jul 25th 2011
Cut this line yourself. If you believe you are right, do it.
11:27:37 AM Apr 8th 2011
Suzie's plot in Wild Things is actually plausible, though somewhat convoluted. That should take it out of Xanatos Roulette territory. A major scandal involving sex and students is likely to be highly publicized and thus lead to a big settlement after the allegations turn out to be false. That an established dirty cop would be willing to get involved in a plot that would supposedly make him a lot of money and kill a girl who holds a grudge against him makes sense. That an intelligent sociopath could manipulate three people and realize at what points they would either become expendable or liabilities is a stretch, but not unlikely.

The only thing that looks like chance is the fact that Suzie and Sam would both use the same sleazy lawyer, but this can be explained in one of three ways:
1. Coincidence. While there are any number of sleazy lawyers in South Florida, Bowden is close to the front of the alphabet and he does appear to be particularly unscrupulous. His involvement with Suzie doesn't have to be connected with his involvement with Sam for this to make sense.
2. Intent. Suzie, having already used Bowden to kick her plot off, directs Sam to him, telling Sam that Bowden is a well known unethical lawyer.
3. Improvisation. Nothing says Suzie ever talks to Bowden until after Sam hires him. As dirty as he is, it's not impossible that he would go along with her plan if she promises him a larger fee.
07:18:43 AM Mar 29th 2011
edited by AhBengI
Some of the existing redirects baffle me greatly. My suggestion: change Yagami Gambit to a redirect of the Memory Gambit instead of the Xanatos Roulette. It suits the description of the Memory Gambit more than the Xanatos Roulette in general. In fact, the Memory Gambit is almost as good as, if not already, a subtrope of the Xanatos Roulette. And what is Madara Gambit doing here as a redirect?! It would suit Xanatos Speed Chess much better. Not sure about Aizen Gambit, since I never read or watched Bleach... Single Xanatos Pileup is ok, though.
01:15:42 PM Jan 20th 2016
Yagami Gambit is former trope name so it's reasonably leading here. While Yagami's Memory Gambit seems like his bigges scheme, it's not like it's the only plan he came up with, although i see your point. Aizen Gambit at least for me would mean:"ridiculous and unnessecarily complicated plan that didn't really benefit the mastermind in any way" since that's what most Aizen's plans seem to me. Not sure about Madara Gambit since the last 100 chapters or so were so messed up and confusing that i'm not sure what did he plan and to what end.
10:24:18 AM May 15th 2010
Removed the following:
  • The end (beginning?) of Memento reveals that the protagonist has played a Xanatos Roulette on himself. (This may possibly be downgraded to Gambit considering how he operates, but given how little input is used to trigger his actions, it likely falls closer to the Roulette side of the line.)
Because Leonard's manipulation in Memento is pretty simple; it's not like he wouldn't be able to predict his own actions. He fakes one bit of information implicating John Gammel, and leaves it to his future self to investigate that bit of information and kill John Gammel.

  • Parodied in the Homestar Runner toon DNA Evidence, wherein Strong Sad is "revealed" to have been at the root of an absurdly complicated chain of events.
    • Also subverted by the fact that all Strong Sad had to do was trail the people until the DNA was in a place where he could swipe it, and then pose as an investigator to throw everyone off the scent. In that light, it becomes a lot more plausible.
If it's plausible, then it's not a roulette.
01:03:19 PM Mar 28th 2010
um, what happened to the Light pic? having a roulette wheel doesn't have nearly the same coolness as the maniacal face of the Ultimate Rouletteer (OK.. Aizen might be worse, but that's not really the point ^ ^)in his moment of glory. Also, Its much more fun to link that way :P Si there some copyright reason? Its not like there aren't any other copyrighted images starting other sections. And it can easily be claimed as parody, since you are picking at one of the main dramatic devices used in Death Note. —Susano-wo
06:48:25 PM May 21st 2010
Just a Face and a Caption is not cool, Light is not cool, nobody gives a damn about Light, Aizen or any other name you probably have made up just to mess with my head. Dammit mother, stop embarassing me online!
06:49:02 PM May 21st 2010
Just a Face and a Caption is not cool, Light is not cool, nobody gives a damn about Light, Aizen or any other name you probably have made up just to mess with my head. Dammit mother, stop embarassing me online!
08:35:23 AM Mar 19th 2010
Took this out of The Dark Knight's entry...

"This is cemented when he laughs maniacally while falling to his death at the end"

...because that's not what happened.
06:22:29 PM Jul 25th 2011
edited by MugenKagemaru
11:51:10 AM Sep 8th 2011
Uh, dude? It would seem he DID do it himself, based on his use of "took" instead of "take"

Remember what they say about the word "assume"
01:17:32 PM Jan 20th 2016
Guy was channeling Mikami Teru apparently
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