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06:31:55 AM Aug 24th 2014
I can't believe the list is missing Unyuu Mimori from Sket Dance. In the Anime she is clearly a parody of Gainaxing, whenever she moves.

08:05:18 AM Aug 24th 2014
Well, if she fits, feel free to add it. Make sure that your example isn't link-dependent though - Weblinks Are Not Examples. Also, I am not sure if Gelbooru links are actually OK - I think not though.
09:19:34 AM Aug 24th 2014
I'm new here and I don't know how to add new titles. I don't want to screw something up. Also I'm not really good at english and I don't know how to describe it properly, so at least I decided to mention it here. I hope someone can add her to make the list a little bit more complete :)
12:40:38 PM Aug 24th 2014
Well, if you have English problems you can run that edit through this forum topic.
01:25:28 PM Mar 31st 2014
So, given that the Real Life section was recently excised from this page on the grounds that it applies only to animation, does that also mean that we're going to need to remove the (much larger) live TV and film sections? And if so, will we need to create a completely different trope for "bouncing non-animated breasts"?
01:51:28 PM Mar 31st 2014
edited by
Many should probably either go to Jiggle Show or just be cut.

The ones that can stay are where it's clearly being played for fanservice (like the ones where the male cast openly gawks). The real life examples weren't cut because of the idea that Gainaxing can't apply to real women, but because if it happens to a person on the street it's not an intentional trope, it's just someone being a creeper.
07:49:48 PM Mar 31st 2014
Well if that's the case then it's not such a big deal (although to judge from the thread, it sure sounds like Madrugada feels this should be an animation-only trope). I should like to point out, however, that Real Life sections in general include far more than the trope happening to "a person on the street", such as celebrities at a red carpet event, which could be at least as intentional (on the part of the celebrity in question and/or her own PR department) as any media example.
08:55:45 PM Apr 6th 2014
The real cleanup that needs to be done is the video game section, I think. All the polygonal examples belong in Jiggle Physics.
01:10:00 AM Jul 6th 2015
1992's Bram Stoker's Dracula should go in one of them. It's not quite the entire premise of the film.

Sadie Frost's character has a few less-than-memorable examples, she spends most of the movie rather animated in low-cut dresses. But Winona Ryder running down the steps and into the cemetery is noteworthy.
09:13:42 AM Apr 5th 2013
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I found another example of Gainaxing on Know Your Meme: Can anyone identify from which anime comes that gif(and if it's possible also the character)?

EDIT: Oh wait! That was Lucy from Fairy Tail.
10:35:00 PM Sep 7th 2012
Can the Gainax effect describe small/average breasts shaking as much as the large ones typically described? I added an example of a raunchy web animation where every single tata jiggles like crazy, despite being on the small side.
10:58:18 PM Feb 11th 2014
I don't see why not. The trope is about bouncing breasts, after all.
10:26:06 PM Jan 4th 2012
Is it necessary to have the video game section here? That should go under Jiggle Physics.
12:20:26 AM Dec 29th 2012
Only if the game uses pre-drawn graphics. If they're 3D rendered, they'll almost certainly be using Jiggle Physics and should be moved there.
05:45:04 AM Oct 8th 2011
I think anime bounce should be to alternative names.
07:34:12 AM Nov 6th 2011
You know, the name seems to do wit hanime .One of the LAST things i expe cted was for the page quote to be from Doctor Who of all things. And I suppose only Cassandra WULD really notice it on herself, due to haveing been basically a stretched out piece of skin before body hijacking.
11:14:11 PM May 3rd 2012
Yeah, the name here is really opaque to someone unfamiliar with Gainax, which I am. I think this needs a rename.
10:03:20 PM Jul 13th 2012
I think Gainax bounce can be a subheading of Anime Jiggle. But the origin of the Gainax Bounce goes back to the 2nd Gainax film ever, the Daicon IV video, wherein the grown-up bunny girl does a triumphant little jiggle. That's 1983.
10:59:46 PM Feb 11th 2014
Before I discovered the TV Tropes website, I always referred to this phenomenon as "Independent Suspension". Take that however you want, it's meant to be very tongue-in-cheek.
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