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03:38:01 PM Oct 16th 2010
Since a certain someone decided to move a bunch of Real Life example over from my deletion of examples from Bigger Is Better in Bed (How is it played for comedy in Real Life anyway?), I'm going to bring this up, as Real Life examples are supposed to, by and large, be cut regardless of their validity. Should I go ahead delete the examples?
08:03:17 PM Oct 20th 2010
edited by TrevMUN
This "certain someone" you speak of only "decided" to move the examples you deleted because you exhibit a crass Wikipedia Deletionist nature, choosing to blanket-delete examples you know damn well could fit in a better trope and were in a position where you could do just that, rather than deleting them without a trace.

"Should I go ahead delete the examples? "


"I'm going to bring this up, as Real Life examples are supposed to, by and large, be cut regardless of their validity."

Even if a number of the examples I saved from your blanket deletion don't fit this trope, that's no reason to sweep the entire Real Life section or all of the examples entirely. Leave the ones that fit, delete only the ones that don't. Better yet, if you know of a trope where the others could be added, move them there. You know, like what you should have done in the first place.

Beyond that, I'd like to see a page guideline or statement by the admins saying that Real Life examples should almost never be added first. There was already a Real Life section on this trope and I feel quite disinclined to let you get away with deleting entire sections without providing a clear example that real life examples should almost never be added.
09:17:20 PM Oct 20th 2010
Ok then, here's how we'll handle this.

You can go through the examples yourself and showcase the ones that fit the definition of Gag Penis; that is that are cases of "person with a giant penis that is somehow played for comedy". (Emphasis mine.) Any that don't fit this definition need to get cut.

In a few days, I'll call in one of the mods to look it over. They can review and decide if any further cuts should be made.
01:23:22 PM Oct 21st 2010
You have yet to provide me with a page guideline or statement by the admins that states that Real Life examples "are supposed to, by and large, be cut regardless" to back up your initial comment.

Do you have one on hand when you claim that Real Life examples should be cut? Or have you been going by your own feelings on the matter? This is what I want to know.
02:18:15 PM Oct 21st 2010
See here. For reference, see Know the Staff.

I admit I misspoke slightly earlier, partly out of anger, in regards to our general rule-of-thumb about Real Life. (After all, would you like to be called a "Wikipedia Deletionist"?) While I'd prefer to cut Real Life where I find it, it can be justified in staying, so long as it fits the trope and doesn't draw too much problems.

Since it clearly did not fit Bigger Is Better in Bed and that trope had severe Trope Decay, I maintain I was justified in cutting that section. Also note that after I killed those sections in Bigger Is Better in Bed, a mod (Madrugada) went in and made her own edits, without reverting any of mine.

Now that I've answered you, it's your turn. How do these examples fit under Gag Penis?
08:13:16 PM Oct 21st 2010
edited by TrevMUN
If it angers you that your actions would get you seen as a "Wikipedia Deletionist" by someone else, then maybe you should reflect more closely on what you've done and not do it in the future. I've laid out my case on the Bigger Is Better in Bed discussion page as to why I see your behavior as the hallmark of one.

Looking at what Fighteer said and comparing it to what you said, saying that you "misspoke" is an understatement. Fighteer didn't say that Real Life examples "are supposed to, by and large, be cut regardless of validity." He said they're fine as long as they don't attract nattering, don't overwhelm the article, or don't invite legal action. That aside, I have a very different approach to Real Life sections than you do. My opinion is like that of suedenim's on that page: "A good Real Life section is both fun and useful. I love reading the ones that make you think 'Huh, as weird as this trope is, there's some Truth in Television to it.'"

I honestly don't care whether or not it was decided in a forum discussion that Bigger Is Better in Bed was suffering from Trope Decay. That's not the point of why I did what I did or why I've said what I've said.

I don't care whether or not a mod (Madrugada) followed up with edits of his own without changing any of yours. Unlike you, he didn't mass-delete examples; most of his own massive edit was merely revising and rewording existing paragraphs and examples.

Trying to turn it around on me and saying "Now it's your turn!" dodges the original fact of the matter—that you thoughtlessly went around the Wiki, not just on the trope page in question, deleting any example attributed to one trope that could have easily been attributed to another trope that you knew damn well existed.

Your justification for doing all this is based on a "misspoken" interpretation of what a moderator said, which comes off more like a personal belief of yours that the Wiki should not have any Real Life examples ever, even if they are harmless by Fighteer's standards. You'll note that my very first reply to you here said this: "Leave the ones that fit, delete only the ones that don't. Better yet, if you know of a trope where the others could be added, move them there. You know, like what you should have done in the first place."

Challenging me to "prove" that the examples you blanket-deleted from another trope fit under this trope in light of what I've said is meaningless, because I already said what should be done, rather than deleting the entire section outright (as you would do), is to sort through the Real Life section and remove what doesn't fit. What I wanted to hear first and foremost was if your statement that Real Life examples should almost always be cut had any basis in Wiki guidelines. Since it most certainly doesn't, I won't leave the task of sorting these examples out to you.
09:48:52 PM Oct 21st 2010
I'm not even going to bother arguing this, we're getting nowhere.

I've brought this up on Ask The Tropers. Hopefully, we can get this actually resolved from there.
12:27:49 AM Oct 22nd 2010
edited by TrevMUN
For the record, Totemic Hero, I was in the middle of editing the Real Life section when you did that. Here's the proof.

     Real Life 
  • Porfirio Rubirosa Ariza, a Dominican playboy; described as eleven inches long and as thick as a man's wrist. To this day the extra-long pepper mills in French bistros are called "Rubirosas."
  • Milton Berle gets this from time to time. For example, he's been referenced in the video game Destroy All Humans; if you read the minds of women, you sometimes get this response. "I wonder if it's true what they say about Milton Berle..." This prompts the thinker to whinny like a horse gleefully at the thought.
  • David Bowie, whose crotch (a.k.a. "the Area") has become a Memetic Badass. It has a religion.
  • Conan O'Brien, according to the cast of short-lived show Andy Richter Controls The Universe.
  • Jim Carrey, as seen in movies like All In Good Taste. In real life, he's done stunts like show up at the 20th anniversary special for The Comedy Store wearing nothing but a sock on his penis.
  • Stephen Colbert is known to joke about the large size of his own package while in character.
  • Subverted with Willem Dafoe—there's jokes and stories abound about his endowment thanks to Antichrist, but not only has he gone on record saying it wasn't him in the nude, but he's not happy about being Played For Laughs like this.
  • Roddy McDowall was not only endowed but flexible, and supposedly performed self-fellatio in front of others as a "party trick."
  • David Duchovny's size has been Played for Laughs as well, especially when he had problems with a "sex addiction."
  • John Edwards has been getting Played for Laughs in this way, ever since the sex tape he made with his mistress got out.
  • Jonah Falcon's junk has been the subject of comedy on more than one occasion, especially since he appeared on "Howard Stern on Demand: George Takei's Gay Bachelor Party" and Spike TV's "MA Nswers."
  • Errol Flynn, also renowned for boffing half of Hollywood (men and women, alike) ... Hence the expression in like Flynn and quite a few gags made at his expense in various media. More to the point, Flynn would ham it up with his pork sword, too—at a Hollywood party, he actually played "You Are My Sunshine" and "The Star-Spangled Banner" on a piano using only his penis, according to Music For Chameleons.
  • Ron Jeremy himself gets it Played for Laughs, as noted in the Stand-Up Comedy and Porn sections.
  • President Lyndon Baines Johnson had a really big, er ... johnson. He called it "Jumbo" and was known to show it off at any provocation, including waving it at a group of reporters when they asked why the United States was still in Vietnam. (This was back when the press did their best to protect the honor of the President, obviously.)
    • It makes the Australian slogan of the time supporting the Vietnam War "All the way with L-B-J" kind of disturbing.
  • Inverted with Steven Merchant, but still Played for Laughs:
    "I've often felt that, for a tall man, I've been a bit short-changed."
    • Mocked on The Ricky Gervais Show, when they are talking about surviving a plane crash on a desert island.
    Ricky: "So we've crashed on the island, and Steven's knob is ruined. We'll have to eat it to survive for three days..."
    Steven: "I should be so lucky."
  • Chris Pine's bulge is pretty legendary, and it's been made fun of more than once—especially since he's the new Captain Kirk, any time something about his sex life comes up, there'll be quips in the entertainment news industry, such as "He's no longer setting his 'phaser' on stun!"
  • Dan Payne has been subject to it. While filming Mulligans, the film crew had to re-shoot a scene where he jumps naked into a lake at night, where the camera is about 50 feet behind and over him, many, many times because he's proportionate (he's 6'4"/194cm and very well built, you do the math) and his wang kept flapping wildly to and fro. This coming from his co-star for the scene, a(n admittedly gay and out) guy.
  • Brandon Routh. See the Superman Returns poster example further up; this incident is what spurred jokes about his endowment in the entertainment industry.
  • Frank Sinatra's bigness was the subject of jokes. Former wife Ava Gardner is reported to have quipped, “He only weighs 120, but 100 pounds is cock.”
  • Patrick Stewart has also had much ado made about his long pork longsword.
  • A bizarre historical example comes from Imperial China: one of the top advisors (and entrepreneurs) of the state of Qin, Lu Buwei, decided to end his affair with the Queen Mother (for various reasons), and found the man with the largest penis in the kingdom (a guy named Lao Ai) to replace him; he was disguised as a eunuch by plucking out all his facial hair. Lao Ai and the Queen Mother had kids, leading Lao Ai to lead a rebellion against the King of Qin, who promptly put down the rebellion, executed Lao Ai, and exiled his mother. That's right, a huge penis started a rebellion. Did we mention that this king shortly afterwards became Qin Shi Huang, the first true Emperor of China?
  • Greeks in Antiquity thought that a small penis was a sign of virility, an inversion of Bigger Is Better in Bed. Large penises, on the other hand, were always seen as crude and funny.
  • Dorking, Surrey, UK. There's a gigantic statue featuring a certain animal at the roundabout.

Suffice to say, I don't like the fact that you misrepresented my actions in your appeal, especially when I clearly implied that I was going to handle cleaning up the Real Life section.
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