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01:12:07 PM Mar 1st 2017
I think the examples on this page need to be sorted in some way. It is complete chaos right now. Does anybody have any suggestions for how to sort them? At the very least, they should be put in alphabetical order if we don't sort them another way.
11:37:07 PM Oct 21st 2017
this page still needs to be sorted really badly. If somebody doesn't sort this very soon then I probably will do it myself.
04:19:19 PM Apr 5th 2013
Cut for being undescriptive and dogged with natter, but put here to fix if you (no, not him, you) fancy it.

  • This Fanfiction seems to blend pretty well, but the universes are total opposites
    • And don't forget this one by the same author, these are both improbable, due to the fact they are animation/live action crossovers, with shows on competitive channels
    • And especially this
    • You forgot the sequel to the first one listed; here it is
09:40:07 PM Oct 10th 2012

From the terrible Fanfiction generator:

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Stargate SG-1 and Splinter Cell. The story should use an Expedition to Antartica as a plot device.

Does anyone feels up for it? It might produce good results!
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