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05:31:39 PM Jan 23rd 2011
edited by Nohbody
These three are all apparently by an artist on DA named Navette (also a troper here, and the one who added them to the Notable Furry Webcomics page before it was set as a redirect to Furry Webcomics), but there are some issues.

Dimension Twist - Also a google hit at, but no content actually there

Starlight Sanction - is what I found in a search, but nothing actually there, with the last site news update being from 2009. There aren't any "loose" pages elsewhere in Navette's DA gallery, either.

Welcome To Nifelheim - is supposedly where the art goes, but nothing's actually been done, with that page mentioning it's only available to the artist's Real Life friends, not online.

Dimension Twist's non-useful URL I tried to add as an invisible comment, but for some reason couldn't get it to work, in spite of following the Text Formatting Rules page.

For the second and third ones, I know No Such Thing as Notability and all, but shouldn't there be actual... oh, I dunno, content before being mentioned here?
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