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06:35:48 PM Mar 14th 2017
There really needs to be better clarification in the main description because as others have previously mentioned, too many examples are being added of people who happen to have afros where absolutely no joke was being made. It's especially bad in the real life section. I think this has quite unfortunate undertones as afros and the associated hair type are still mocked a lot in real life (in the west at least).
08:13:18 PM Jan 26th 2016
This trope is not being used correctly when it is being added to trope pages. Take for example the addition of it under Uvogin's character description from Hunter x Hunter. Or even the High School Musical/Corbin Bleu tag on the page itself.

"Funny Afro" should only be used when the afro is acknowledged by the characters in the medium as funny or when it is used by the creator to make gags or jokes.

Basically, it's not enough for a character to have an afro for it to be an example of this trope, as afros in of themselves aren't inherently funny. For a large portion of the global population an afro is just how hair grows.

Also, the description as written on this page makes it seem as if this is an anime specific trope (the odd hairstyles being "par for the course" opening). This should be changed since, yet again, calling afros "odd" when it's just how hair grows out of literally millions of people's head is more than a little strange. And because this trope is clearly not anime specific.
07:10:14 AM Jul 29th 2016
Agreed. If one looks at the pages for Funk Music, i.e. George Clinton and Funkadelic or Parliament, the Funny Afro trope is applied there also. Why is it funny for Blacks to wear their hair naturally?

I think this trope needs to be rewritten or really, just canned because as it stands now I find it offensive and banal. If anime thinks afros are so hilarious, fine, but the trope itself doesn't need to be applied to anything outside Japan.
10:53:50 PM Jan 5th 2015
I don't really see a point to the Real Life section of this...a person having an afro doth not the trope fit.
01:07:03 AM Jan 6th 2015
The examples are all badly written, besides. Something for this thread I think.
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