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03:00:12 PM Nov 22nd 2010
You know, maybe it's just me, but this article seems far, far too apologetic for drug use. It seems to do everything but completely deny that drugs can have devastating effects. Can we at least work in a mention that this trope can also be used to portray drug use in an overly defensive manner?
12:55:58 PM Nov 23rd 2010
It seems fine to me. "Drug addicts tend to be portrayed as having completely ruined lives, but some addicts are functional."
03:13:36 AM Nov 25th 2010
Well, NOW it's okay because the insistences that this is what the MAJORITY of addicts are like has been removed. Still, I'm gonna work in a description of how this can be overused...
03:34:46 AM Feb 16th 2011
Dune's Paul seems somewhat functional despite an addiction or reliance on the spice.
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