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10:51:35 PM Sep 13th 2011
I would like to propose this theory: This trope was an Unbuilt Trope at 1869, when 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was published. Here our Anti-Villain, Captain Nemo, insists about this point while he dinners with his guest, The Professor Aronnax, because Nemo is impressed with Aronnax’s work and wants to show him that the oceans are truly The Final Frontier and that they could attend all human life’s needs (food, clothes, paper, ink, even cigars) , without anything from land. In the novel this is a Justified Trope that makes sense, but with enough Adaptation Decay presented in the works of the next centuries, this is only The Theme Park Version to show that the villain is a Small Name, Big Ego. I would like to see any comments before publishing it
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