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04:53:17 AM Oct 5th 2012
edited by flamemario12
It Got Worse was renamed to From Bad to Worse. It got worse indeed.
07:25:34 PM Oct 5th 2012
edited by Gatordragon24
What is that supposed to mean? The previous name resulted in a lot of misuse. That's why it was renamed.
09:46:57 AM Feb 8th 2013
I am glad this was renamed. It was one of those potholes that just got annoying with how much melodrama it caused.
07:05:50 AM Oct 1st 2013
I liked it better as "It Got Worse". It's kinda like Oh, Crap!, in which it's an audience/character reaction trope instead of a variant of Tempting Fate.
01:11:19 PM May 15th 2011
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To alleviate this, I split off the current content along the lines of the current folder structure. New examples should be placed in the appropriate media sub-pages.
07:45:36 PM Jun 17th 2011
Pic doesn't do justice; suggesting switch to bears, followed by bear cavalry, just to emphasize how fucked you really are.
03:14:51 PM Mar 24th 2011
"On December 17, 2010, a street vendor in Tunisia set himself on fire in protest of harrassment by the government. This led the people of Tunisia to revolt against the government, forcing the dictator (who had ruled the country for 23 years) to step down and flee the country in mid-January. Members of the previous regime (and the dictator's party) found themselves forced to step down as well. It didn't stop there, though:"

How is this an example of "It Got Worse" ?
12:58:02 AM Sep 4th 2012
Well, it certainly got worse for those in power (though better for the people of Tunisia)...
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