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08:38:22 AM Apr 8th 2012
Should there also be a list of Prime Ministers?
01:31:06 PM Apr 8th 2012
It depends. For the 5th Republic, some were important, some weren't. We can have them all, there is quite a few. For others republics, well, it's... a pain in the ass. Because yeah, Prime ministers had the more power back then, but they changed every now and then. I think that for III and I Vth Republic, the best to do is to put a short list of names to remember.
07:35:50 AM Apr 10th 2012
Well, there's already a focus on the Fifth Republic, so that's what I was thinking.

Something similar to the Chancellors of Germany list, with some being just mentioned and others having more detail?
02:47:29 PM Apr 10th 2012
Yeah, like this, but it's gonna be a loooong list. In the 4th republic, the Council's President (how Primes were named then) changed on average every 6 months. Thanks the sames often came back in office, but still...

Just quickly, important people may be: in the 3rd: Léon Gambetta, Jules Ferry (many schools named after him), Waldeck-Rousseau (longest term), Georges Clemenceau, Émile Combes (laïcité), Édouard Daladier, Léon Blum (Front Populaire), Édouard Herriot, Aristide Briand (Peace Nobel Prize)...

in the 4th: Pierre Mendès France, Antoine Pinay, Guy Mollet...
04:07:50 PM Apr 29th 2012
I guess it might take a while to actually make that page.
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