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12:10:38 AM Oct 16th 2013
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Does Rei Ayanami count as a meta example? She was basically intended to be a rather creepy deconstruction of a certain character type, but the fans love her specifically because of what she deconstructs.
05:18:09 PM Jan 2nd 2013
Should this trope's explanation be edited to be more clear? It's on the Personal Appearance Tropes index, links to other tropes related to appearance, and offers the possibility that the friend of the freak is blind, but the essence of the summary and the accompanying picture seem to indicate that this trope is more about personality than looks. I know my first instinct was to reference a work based on the "freaky personality" type, then realised that maybe this trope is supposed to be exclusively for appearance and so held back. IS this trope exclusively for appearance? Is there another, similar trope for personality instead? Does anyone else think that this trope page is unclear and should be more specific?
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