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07:58:19 AM Feb 11th 2013
What was wrong with the title But Your Wings Are Beautiful?
10:12:34 PM Jul 7th 2013
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I don't see what was wrong with it, either. The new title is technically broader in scope, but the original was perfectly self-explanatory as it stood, and far more poetic. For that matter, "Freakiness Shame" is kind of a confusing description for the trope. There are a lot of ways those words could be interpreted...

I know we're trying to move from confusing, anecdotal titles to more functional ones, but in this case I don't think anything was broken enough to need fixing...and the fix isn't very appealing. Hmm.
12:41:48 AM Oct 8th 2013
12:12:58 AM Dec 8th 2013
Fourthed. Freakiness Shame is broader, but it only implies shame of freakiness, and not that there's someone who finds that freakiness attractive.
07:51:24 AM May 10th 2014
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I agree. Not only is the new title rather ambiguous compared to the original, but it's also pretty boring.
10:03:11 PM May 11th 2014
Yeah, the new title doesn't make sense to me. I'd like it changed back.
11:56:40 PM May 11th 2014
Not going to happen, folks. Lines of dialogue are no longer accepted as trope titles.

Also, I do not agree with But Your Wings Are Beautiful being a better title. Quite the opposite, in fact.
02:01:45 PM May 12th 2014
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Even if you assume that lines of dialogue as trope titles are necessarily bad—which I don't—I still think we can do much better than the current title.
11:22:23 PM May 12th 2014
They are against policy, though - see No New Stock Phrases which also explains succinctly why we don't like them.

06:12:08 PM May 14th 2014
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You don't seriously expect me to believe that No New Stock Phrases means that every trope named from a stock phrase has to be renamed, do you? Besides, I didn't see this trope falling victim to any of the problems that were used to justify the policy.
06:35:56 PM May 14th 2014
Now, while I don't like Freakiness Shame, But Your Wings Are Beautiful is worse. that's just... completely esoteric. I'd have absolutely no idea as to what that's about from the title.
07:21:20 PM May 15th 2014
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I personally find nothing ambiguous about the old title, but seeing as some people disliked it, I may have to reconsider. However, from this discussion, I also get the impression that a lot of people don't like the new title, and I think we may want to start a thread for choosing a better one.
05:28:19 PM May 29th 2016
Throwing my hat in that But Your Wings Are Beautiful is a FAR superior title. Freakiness Shame implies only the fear of being a freak without any other connotations.
09:07:39 AM Aug 8th 2012
I just noticed that the name of this Trope was just changed and I have yet to see anything in the renamed tropes page providing any sort of explanation, nor have I have found any debate in the TRS. As far as I am concerned this is someone's unilateral move unless someone comes forward with an explanation why this is otherwise.
05:07:55 PM Aug 8th 2012
Sure looks that way, but since it appears to have been a unilateral move by Fast Eddie, the guy who runs the joint, I doubt it's going to change back. I would be interested in hearing a reason, though.
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