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09:00:43 AM Sep 2nd 2013
Is the Pragmatic Villainy trope really appropriate for FDR? Like him or not, calling the main leader of the Allies in World War II a villain is a huge stretch. It would be much better to use a similar trope that does not suggest that he was evil.
04:52:13 PM Mar 21st 2013
Reverting an edit I see was made recently in the What Might Have Been entry. The deleted material, relating to FDR's opposition to helping the French retake Indochina, was deleted, with a long comment in the edit reason field saying that abandoning Indochina wouldn't have been any better. The person who took out the material said that it should be less "gushing".

I have to say that the material under that entry that was deleted doesn't strike me as "gushing". It is a fact that Roosevelt was against colonialism and it is a fact that Roosevelt had no intention of supporting any effort by France to reassert control over Indochina. If Roosevelt had served out his 4th term it's very likely that the French would have had to pull out a lot sooner. They might never have tried to reassert control at all without American support. It would seem from this very unlikely that the United States would have ever sent troops into Vietnam or ever entered into a war there, and that if any war had developed between the Viet Minh and anti-communist forces it would have been a lot shorter.

That's basically indisputed. Whether or not that is a good thing or a bad thing is obviously up for debate. I don't think that the article as it stands takes any position on whether Roosevelt was right or wrong. But it is a What If, and as such should be in this article, at least if we want a What Could Have Been entry here. I will try and tweak the wording to make it sound more neutral.
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