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06:26:31 PM Jun 22nd 2016
Why are the Xmen comics here? Like most long running comic series it has its ups and downs but I don't think anyone considers it a franchise zombie ( no creativity and just being kept alive for money).
11:31:47 PM Oct 18th 2015
edited by RicaCriscia
Could an alternative name for the trope be "Franchise Fossil"? It sounds alliterative.
12:10:05 AM Oct 19th 2015
Only as a redirect IMO.
12:38:28 PM Oct 19th 2015
Plus, fossil implies it's dead, buried, and gone for so long it's turned into stone.

This is a living corpse, so fossil doesn't really work.
03:45:45 AM Oct 26th 2013
How exactly is this differentiated from Sequelitis?
05:32:14 AM May 1st 2013
Does the Nostalgia Critic entry really belong here? It just seems like a complaint about Demo Reel & Spoony leaving TGWTG.
09:22:45 AM May 3rd 2012
The Simpsons example seems really vague as to whether it applies or not. So far as I can tell, Matt would have no hand in cancelling or renewing the show, so you'd think he'd speak out if the show was on its last legs. Am I wrong about this?
09:06:01 AM May 3rd 2012
Is Power Rangers an example at all, considering that Saban actually regained the rights to the franchise, leading to Samurai?
09:00:10 PM Jun 4th 2011
edited by Camacan
This almost certainly not an example: far from wanting the series to end, James Wan and Leigh Whannell have stated they feel the story is unfinished and would be open to continuing the series. Please see the comment for editors at the end of the main text: this trope is where a series continues past what the creator intended. Wan/Whannell seem to have never stated they wanted it ended earlier.

The trope name and the quote sure aren't helping here — they are fun but seem to be misleading people.

  • The Saw series has become the poster child of this trope. If your franchise extends four movies past the on-screen, canonized death of its titular, non-supernatural villain, who from that point on appears exclusively in flashbacks (or autopsies), it might just be a zombie. Hmmmmmm...
07:31:32 PM Apr 2nd 2011
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  • cough* Pokemon *cough*
01:54:38 PM Feb 12th 2011
I miss the old picture. :(
10:09:45 AM Nov 26th 2010
Took out this line from the description:
It should be noted that this is definitely one of those Subjective Tropes, as many people might still enjoy the supposed "zombie" games, episodes or issues. They can in fact still be quite good in their own right even if the creator has lost interest.
...because there is nothing "Subjective" about this trope. An author is forced to continue creating a series past the point where they wanted to stop. Fan reaction to the "forced" work has nothing to do with it.

10:43:32 AM Nov 29th 2010
"The majority of The Sims franchise hasn't had much, if any, input from its series creator, Will Wright. Thus, EA has turned what originally was intended to be a nuclear-family-themed social behavior sandbox simulator into a virtual tween diary with extremely girly undertones, spawning off dozens of expansion packs and multiple sequels that Wright had nothing to do with. This culminates in My Sims Agents, a spinoff of a spinoff of the Sims franchise that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the original concept or design."

Sounds rather heavily opinionated to me.
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