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08:01:20 AM May 29th 2014
Given that we have "The Pervert" covering both an actual pervert and/or a "comedic sociopath", would it be better to label this category "The Deviant" instead? It's more general, but still gives you an idea of what they're like, whether they're sexually perverse or have an abnormal set of ethics.
10:12:30 PM Jun 24th 2012
edited by Locoluis
A similar but slightly different Four Man Band is displayed, with several examples, on this widely circulating image: http://www.ponibooru.org/post/view/187121?search=Osaka (there are many versions of that chart, mostly involving Anime and Manga, but there's also one that adds South Park characters to the list at http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/501317 )

  • Boke
  • Tsukkomi (comparatively)
  • Moe through helplessness
  • Seemingly "perfect" at first glance

Lucky Star:

  • Kagami is the Tsukkomi and the Only Sane Man
  • Konata is the Boke and the Pervert
  • Miyuki is Seemingly Perfect and the Smart Guy
  • Tsukasa is Moe through Helpness and the Butt Monkey

South Park:

  • Stan is Seemingly Perfect and the Only Sane Man
  • Kyle is the Tsukkomi and the Smart Guy
  • Cartman is the Boke and the Pervert
  • Kenny is Moe through Helplessness and... another Pervert (i guess Butters is an even bigger Butt Monkey)

Yeah, similar but not the same.
05:01:43 AM Sep 25th 2011
edited by TheGovernment
Great idea, but in the comedic situation, the Smart Guy will inevitable also double up as the team nerd, making him more quirky and rule abiding, taking him out of Straight Guy territory, should we tweak the description?

05:16:23 PM Jan 20th 2012
Anybody in a comedic Four Man Band can be the Straight Man - it's a role that can switch between characters. Everybody gets a chance at sanity. That's the thing about Four Man Bands - the Butt Monkey and the Straight Man switch places a lot.

What we need to do is move the teams that are Four Man Bands out of the Five Man Band description, where many characters are being shoehorned into more than one role.
10:08:35 PM Jun 24th 2012
edited by Locoluis
(not meant to be a reply, sorry)
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