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08:46:56 AM Mar 1st 2016
Could we add Hamilton? The four women in the show see to fit, with Peggy as the sweet one, Angelica snarky, Eliza admirable/team mom, and Maria Reynolds as the sexy one.
03:09:47 AM May 9th 2012
This may sound wierd, but Grease helps me get a good idea about the trope. However the characters are too many and too gender balenced to make a good example. The T-birds are rebeliuous and impulsive. they fit the role of the sexy one. The Pink Ladies are girly and romantic. They sort-of fit the role of the sweet naive girl. Sandy follows traditional values and clashes with the rowdiness of the two groups. She fits the role as a admirable one, although she is a bit of the naive type too. The fourth mannish role is less apparent. There is an athlete that Sandy befrends. He is the steriotypical manly jock. He is more down-to-earth, which is more appealing to Sandy. Danny is Sandy's ex boyfriend (I am not 100% sure whether or not they broke up officially). He is the leader of the T-Birds. However he did get into athletics in atempt to win Sandy back.

  • Spoiler*
In the end, Sandy aquires the T-Bird style, including an edgier outfit. She makes up and reunites with Danny. The dialogue is amusing.

Danny: Sandy?! Sandy: Tell me about it, Stud. Cue the song "You're the One I Want".
10:50:04 AM Sep 14th 2011
"An admirable but Wild Card kind of character (usually the narrator and wise Team Mom of the group who holds it together).

The wild card might be The Smart Guy or the Cool Big Sis but not the Team Mom. In that case the mother figure will be be doubled up with either the naive girl, the sexy girl or even the mannish one."

So which is it?
03:46:41 AM Dec 22nd 2012
edited by TooBadForU
I guess it means that the Wild Card can be either Team Mom or Cool Big Sis, but not at the same time? And if she's the latter, one of the others fill the mother-role? That's how I interpret it anyway. That whole section is a strange mix between Mind Screw and Captain Obvious in my opinion...
12:00:39 PM Feb 25th 2011
I don't think the Homestarrunner quote says anyting about the trope. I think it should be deleted.
12:20:52 PM Feb 15th 2011
I deleted Magic School Bus, Pride and Prejudice, and Power Puff Girls because they don't fit. Power Puff Girls is too much of a stretch and the other two don't work at all as far as I can see. Anyone have an option either way?
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