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02:25:10 PM Mar 5th 2013
The name makes it sound nationality and setting aren't an issue as long as they're foreign to the location and used for fanservice but the description sounds like this trope is specifically about Americans in a foreign setting.
05:15:12 AM Jul 29th 2011
So is this image from anything in particular, or is it just a parody of the Foreign Fanservice archetype?
02:22:04 PM May 20th 2013
"Viva Freedom!" according to Google.

11:09:07 PM Aug 6th 2013
Please don't look it up. For your sake.
05:40:07 PM May 24th 2010
Is this an anime/manga-only character type, in the sense of "a fanservicey American- or European-born character within a predominantly Japanese setting"? If so, we may need to prune some of the examples, or move to an appropiate "generic fanservicey foreigner" Super Trope.

And does it count if an anime/manga's cast go to a Western country, and encounter loads of fanservicey natives there?
08:45:04 AM May 25th 2010
I think it's more like "Japanese media present Westerners as teh hawtness"; generic "sexy foreigners" I think is Everyone Looks Sexier If French.
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