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01:44:35 PM May 21st 2017
"German romanticism"

Why are Mozart, Goethe, Schiller and Lessing classed as "German romanticists? Mozart was Austrian, Schiller and Lessing were anything BUT romanticism and Goethe only ever produced a few works lightly touched by the romantic era and in the main his work was decidedly not part of that unfortunate literary tradition of the early 19th century
04:10:54 PM May 21st 2017
Just correct it and add correct terms. German enlightenment Sturm and drang. Those were my additions and I used it as a shorthand and for that I apologize.
06:27:51 AM May 22nd 2017
Apology accepted ;-)
05:41:29 PM Aug 23rd 2010
Can someone please give me an example of the radical left's "slavish worship of Radical Islam?"
10:57:50 PM Mar 17th 2010
Cut from page itself:

  • Somewhat explained in that they believe that all the Jews must be in Israel for Armageddon to begin. Yes, they're basically using the Jews as sacrifices for their apocalyptic cult. Truth really is stranger than fiction, huh?
    • My dear sir, that is a Conspiracy Theory. I am an Evangelical and I know absolutely no one who believes that, and most of what I have read of that comes from reading from some(not all)Jewish writers who apparently are convinced that a goy cannot have good will toward them. My admiration for Israel is because of tradition and because they have a Badass Army and many a Determined Homesteader. In other words it is not much different from my admiration for England, Poland, or several other foreign countries. It has absolutely nothing to do with the end of the world which is the business of God, and enough for him to get on with. The last few statements are more then a little irritating and seem to indicate that bigotry can go both ways.
      • What you are so loudly complaining about is the unvarnished truth. Your leaders have SAID OUTRIGHT that the sacrifice of the Jews is absolutely necessary for God to return. Pointing out the truth does not make the first troper a "bigot".
      • I do not know the names of such "leaders", would not listen if I did and know my own people far better then you do.
      • Your people? There's about a billion different sects of Christianity, I would no more presume to speak for the Catholics than Latvian Orthodox.
12:30:02 PM Mar 18th 2010
So, it's... "Take Me to Your Leader"? =)
04:12:53 PM Mar 25th 2013
Name such "leaders." Can you? Can you name anyone who is following them?
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