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12:19:19 PM Mar 11th 2014
This trope has three folders: "Flying Dutchmen", "Wandering Jews", and "Men Without A Country". Am I right in thinking that a particular work should, with very few exceptions, only be listed in one of them? Currently, the folk song "MTA" is listed under "Music" in both "Flying Dutchmen" and "Wandering Jews". The two entries aren't identical, but there's quite a lot of overlap. They could easily be merged.
05:11:15 PM Jun 29th 2012
Does Von Hohenheim counts as a sort-of "following the basic concepts" example of a Wadering Jew? I mean, after doing something bad he shouldn't have done, he was "cursed" with immortality and forced to walk the earth. Those are essentially the basics of this legend, taking away the religious elements (which is par for the course, since the FM Averse is a Fantasy Counterpart Culture and all).
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