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09:53:02 PM Jan 3rd 2014
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I would like to note that the image used in The Flying Brick page portrays a cinder block with wings, a propeller, and a vertical stabilizer. A cinder block is not a brick.
08:47:02 PM Jan 4th 2014
Yes it is.
06:56:12 AM Apr 2nd 2014
I think that picture needs to be changed; it doesn't illustrate the Flying Brick trope, it's just a picture of a brick with wings. The picture should be of one or more Flying Brick superheroes demonstrating their abilities—flying and showing off their strength or absorbing bullets or something.
07:38:04 AM Apr 2nd 2014
It's already been discussed a couple of times in the past, as the note in the page source says. It won't change anywhere soon.
09:56:17 AM Apr 2nd 2014
It's a simple enough trope that there won't be confusion. There's no real reason to change it to an illustrative image.
10:30:02 PM Mar 18th 2011
03:34:08 AM Jul 18th 2010
To add to the discussion of the name origin, there was a flightsim for the archimedes (Interdictor) from 1989 which specifically used the term Flying Brick Mode for the invulnerability cheat (with a predictable easter egg if you switched to external view)
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