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01:24:33 AM Jun 23rd 2013
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Tom Dorsey: "...a group of people planning to overthrow Castro is composed almost entirely of agents of Cuban intelligence. The only exception is a retired CIA officer. The sad thing is that they all know it and yet they still make plots they have no intention of implementing and send reports back to Cuba about what was discussed in the meetings."

Would you go back to Cuba if you could find a reason not to? What's really sad is they're not pulling a change-identity and run gambit. (Or death and run if their family is being threatened.)
08:50:16 AM Feb 20th 2012
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Pulled picture: Due to Far Side ruling
12:14:52 PM Jun 26th 2010
A recent The Now Show featured a sketch where a reporter visited a small town in South Africa to try and capture the 'real' South Africa during the World Cup; everyone else in the town turns out to be reporters from other news agencies there for the same purpose. However, no-one there is in disguise. Functionally this serves the same purpose as a joke, but there is a practical difference; is it an example of the trope?
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