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08:52:20 PM Mar 21st 2015
edited by SmartGirl333
On the Portal 2 example, Cara Mia implying the "Chell Johnson" fantheory is not true. Even though Caveline is my OTP, Cara Mia only implies the Caroline or GLaDOS half. Also, that fantheory is DEFINITELY not canon: "Dad" and "Mr Johnson" are referred to as separate people on the potato poster, and the timeline is contradictory. Somebody fix this. Now.
07:50:17 AM Mar 13th 2012
Re: William Gibson has said that Neuromancer is a more OPTIMISTIC view of the future than what would happen since **at least** 1994. Check Timothy Leary: Chaos & Cyberculture if you don't believe it.

Really interesting interview in general
05:29:15 PM Dec 4th 2010
edited by SomeGuy
Regarding Ray Bradbury and Fahrenheit 451- the book is themed against both censorship and television. The anti-television moral simply isn't as obvious now as it used to be because the obscenely large teleivisons and television-centered lifestyles described in the book are Not So Crazy Anymore.
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