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08:35:05 PM Oct 5th 2011
I've moved the series to its own page. The rest of the namespace migration work should go to someone more familiar with the source material.
05:10:40 AM Jun 19th 2010
I'm going to split off the different medium versions into namespaces. We already have the tropes listed out that way, there are differences, people refer to them separately a lot and it will be easier to get to the tropes of one particular page.
12:33:59 AM Jun 18th 2010
Could someone add to "I have you now my pretty" the fact that IIRC, BRIAN BLESSED actually *uses* that line, or at least the "my pretty" bit shortly before the bullwhips-and-spiky-disc fight. Oh - and before the one line that Melody Anderson must have found hard to live down...

05:07:29 AM Jun 19th 2010
Do you not know how do it yourself? May I suggest using this chance to practise and utilise the Text Formatting Rules page? Click "edit", scroll down to the relevant section, I suggest using a sub-point so put two bullet points under the prior trope example and then simply type the fact in.