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07:11:30 PM Oct 22nd 2017
Why is Mid-Battle Flashback not a trope in it's own right? I mean, it's used so much,at least in anime and manga.
03:06:44 PM Jul 5th 2014
Why not a Fake Flashback trope?
01:33:01 AM Jul 6th 2014
Presumably, because nobody has brought one through YKTTW.
10:17:11 PM Jan 18th 2012
Flashback arc.

Is this it's own thing? I think it is.

In broad strokes, it could be "whole episode flash back, only several episodes in a row." But a flashback arc will usually different in that a single episode flashback usually uses existing characters, or some "recycled in the past" variant of the main characters. For the most part, a full episode flashback is much like a regular episode, but being told as a flashback.

A flashback arc will often flesh out the histories of otherwise posthumous characters, introduce historical figures, or show current characters before pivotal events. Usually a stronger change in setting, pace, and/or mood compared to a single flashback episode.
12:24:30 AM Feb 27th 2011
Episode Recaps I wouldn't throw Episode Recaps in the same pot with Flashbacks, like it was done in the Detective Conan entry. Episode Recaps are very common in all kinds of shows and DC can justify them more than most, since every Multi-Part Episode features new characters that have to be introduced and numerous small details from the first part are necessary for understanding the solution to the case. DC does use enough true Flashbacks (like reconstructing the crimes while the culprit is revealed) to justify an entry on this page though.
12:33:31 AM Jun 8th 2010
it's a common justificatioon for a movie to show the audience a Flashback.
04:48:56 AM Apr 20th 2010
"Flash B Ack"? Looks like a typo when creating the page. Or is there some meaning behind it?
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