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08:28:42 AM May 1st 2016
I found a nerd rage/flame war tactic for the RWBY fandom:

say that "ANY VILLAIN did nothing wrong" (some did not do anything wrong though) or that none of the LGBT ships will become cannon due to Rooster teeth being normal people/Christians on any ship image

try it yourself and make an intelligent comment on either of these to show how you are not trolling and flames will rise up to the stars above I could even feed you info to show you how it is done and the flames will show
09:57:25 AM Apr 27th 2012
This page reads like a meme-ridden trainwreck. Taking to Trope Repair Shop.
05:23:56 AM May 10th 2012
Please do so. And could someone make this a YMMV trope as well? Or at least make it a redirect to another trope if it's too similar to it?
03:54:20 AM Oct 1st 2011
edited by CantNotLookAtThisSite
Um, the MLP:FiM example in "Western Animation" is all very well and good, but I think the sarcastic/cynical tone might just end up leading to this becoming a Self-Demonstrating Article. Anyone unbiased (unlike me) care to tone it down a notch?
09:46:32 AM Aug 22nd 2011
Should this thing be put in YMMV? Wrong place to talk about this, but it's a controversial-issue thingy as well as an Audience reaction. Trope repair shop stuff?
06:05:34 PM Aug 2nd 2010
Hey, I just went though and folderized the page. I'm pretty green, here, but despite this, I do at least make an *attempt* to search and find common errors. That said, I know that sometimes the folders break (read on the forum) with long pages. That didn't break this page, though perhaps this should have been the All-caps template instead.

I choose folders as, well, they're just easier on the viewer. Furthermore, I did this despite knowing that some of the section headings I choose were not terribly common on this Wiki; I've seen some "creative" headings in the All-caps template used, but never the folder template. Good faith, of course; I did this so that the section headings would maximize usefulness. And if wrong, at the very least it makes it easier on the next editor to correct.

I do so apologize if I've done anything wrong, here. It's a pretty big change as far as raw visual difference goes. I did my damnedest to ensure I kept the right order (original order of the page), spare minor variations where obvious, and that they were in the right category, certain never to accidentally nerf any of them, etc. I sure ain't perfect, so the best assurance I can give is that I did my best.
05:52:46 AM Jun 3rd 2010
I see religion mentioned, and Scientology mentioned twice. But my favorite in that area is "What is the definition of a Cult?" which invariably gets into comparing any new religion with the old religions with even older religions. Major funtime barbecue.
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