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09:45:00 PM Jan 30th 2016
The part about bullets coming down at the same speed they went up is false. Bullets have a terminal velocity between 300 and 700 feet per second, which is slower than most bullets.
02:55:00 PM Feb 23rd 2016
This. A bullet fired straight up will fall down in a fashion as if it was simply dropped from its apogee, Mythbusters even demonstrated this. A bullet has to be shot at some angle other than 90 degrees in order to any have any horizontal velocity, which when combined with vertical velocity may or may not make the bullet lethal when it comes down. Anyhow, the myth "a bullet fired straight up fill come down as the same speed as when it left the barrel" is simply not true and people really need to stop propagating it. Spouting this nonsense as fact shows a profound lack of understanding of the very simplest concepts in ballistics. What it should say is something to the effect of that the horizontal velocity of a projectile does not significantly change, whereas the vertical velocity does. Can someone who is a better wordsmith than I rephrase this article to reflect this? I would do it myself but crap like this angries up my blood to much for the end result to be proper.
05:19:57 PM Sep 2nd 2010
Hi everyone,

"Alot" isn't a word. It should be "A lot". I'm not trying to pick a fight here, but just thought you might like the correction.
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