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01:38:31 PM Oct 7th 2014
It seems like this trope is being applied a little too broadly. Take Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. Yes, all three elements are there, but they're no more important than the other seven elements you get. Similarly, Kirby can get all three powers, but given how many different powers he can get, that doesn't seem noteworthy (although the note that these three elements are the only ones that can change the environment might be).
04:08:32 PM Jun 24th 2011
Has anyone ever done a Fire/Ice/Lightning trio using a different color scheme; like, ice being pink, fire being yellow or gold, and lightning being blue. Wonder if that would count as a subversion.
04:53:24 PM Jan 12th 2018
edited by Kindle4Light
It's not a subversion as this trope has nothing to do with color-coding.
07:19:33 AM Apr 30th 2011
I think there should be something in there about how this trope relates to the Freudian Trio.
03:25:01 AM Nov 14th 2010
Heat, cold, shock. It sounds more like the unlikely pairing comes from a Rock-Paper-Scissors version of the most deadly "elements".
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