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03:41:35 PM Sep 1st 2015
I know that No Real Life Examples, Please! applies, but I found an article that proves Reality Is Unrealistic; has there ever been a fictional example where a woman gave a man oral with a condom, took the condom claiming she was disposing of it, then used the turkey baster trick. This happened in Real Life and a court awarded her child support.
09:18:19 AM Aug 29th 2014
While No Real Life Examples, Please! should more or less apply, should Jackie Coogan be added?
10:10:20 AM Aug 29th 2014
The trope is already No Real Life Examples, Please!, so it would not be suitable.
06:06:05 AM Aug 8th 2011
edited by Peteman
I haven't seen the episode in question, but I think the reason Malcolm's mom takes most of his paychecks is because he agreed to it, to help pay for the baby they can't afford (it was the episode where he got accepted by that super-exclusive school and the one where Hal admits he's basically dependent on Malcolm saving their asses)
04:06:46 PM Oct 17th 2010
Could selling a child count as financial abuse?
10:01:21 AM Jun 16th 2010
There's another possible definition we could add to the main write up. I've heard of financial abuse before, but in the way that a child must obey all of the parent's wishes - no matter how cruel or unreasonable - without complaint or they'll remove financial support. Abuse is about control, and this is controlling them through money.

This usually applies to kids who need financial support, like college, paying loans for a car, or being able to have some sort of social life.
09:08:15 AM Aug 7th 2010
and done. Thank you

I don't know about you, but I rarely check discussion, even for my own tropes. So when something makes this much sense, you may want to just add it.
06:39:59 AM Oct 30th 2010
Should we add something about the reverse? I.E. when children put their parents in nursing homes so they can pocket the cash?

And should we mention that children are expected to support their parents in at least some cultures and that this was common in the west until the last century?
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