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11:34:44 AM Apr 28th 2017
edited by donSlime
this statement: "Early fighting games allowed the characters to move back and forth on a single axis, with some limited jumping. Modern games often have full 3D movement"

is clearly false. The split between 2D and 3D fighting games has nothing to do with modern vs old fighting games. Plenty of old fighting games had 3D movement and modern games do not "often" have 3D movement, some fighting games have 3D movements but mainly they are from already established 3D fighting game franchises that have had 3d movement for as long as they've existed.

11:41:32 AM Sep 24th 2015
So I was over on the Kart Racer YKTTW and found that although it has five hats, it's prevented from launching because the mods want the large number of Zero Context Examples fleshed out before doing so. I came over here to try to get inspiration for how examples in a genre page like this are typically given context, only to find that, surprise, this page is nothing but Zero Context Examples.

So... how do we deal with this? Where do we go from here? Input appreciated.
12:26:41 PM Sep 24th 2015
I think it's because this is an Index.

Now, why Kart Racer wouldn't be an Index is beyond me, but Indexes don't need descriptions.
01:18:04 PM Sep 24th 2015
Oh, huh. You're right, so it is. Well, that answers that much, at least. Thanks!
10:01:55 AM Mar 20th 2015
I would like to suggest a re-design of the Fighting Game page to include separate listing for specific types of fighting games. Specifically - 2D, 3D and Platform Fighters. Those to me seeming like the biggest 3 clear "types" of games (Fixed Floor Fighting is understated, while Free Floor Fighting is better described as a gimmick, primarily for 3D fighters).

That is, all these works would still fall under the same index but be listed on the index page in separate lists (Examples of 2D, 3D and Platform Fighters), for easier browsing.

Another issue with the page in it's current for is that tropes are part of the index list. I'm fairly certain that indexes mixing tropes with works in not a desired design.

For this I suggest separating the Index page from the "Common Tropes" page. Unless the common tropes can be excluded from the indexing, that is.

I also feel that the trope "Free Floor Fighting" is non-indicative and badly defined.

Does it refer to fighting games and arenas which allow movement in depth (e.g. Fatal Fury's 2 planes, a wide variety with free depth movement), height (Isn't that a platform fighter?) or simply a dynamic change in the fighting environment caused by random or timed factors (Super Smash Bros) or actions of the players (Dead or Alive)?

I think more tropes might be in order. For example:

Dynamic Fighting Stage - Divided into "Player triggered" (Dead or Alive, Tekken 6, etc) and "Game Triggered" (Super Smash or any game with timed danger zones or similar). In short, events that change the arena you fight in or the nature of the original arena.

Multi Plane Fighter (Could use a better name) - A fighting game which allows movement in depth, divided between "Fixed Planes" (Fatal Fury) and "Free movement" (Aggressors of Dark Combat, Little Fighters 2, the Battle minigame from Double Dragon, etc). In many ways, 3D fighting games like Dead or Alive is free movement by default.

Fixed Plane Fighting would then refer to games where there is absolutely no depth movement whatsoever.

Platform Fighter would then refer to any fighting game where you can jump between platforms of a different elevation (So Super Smash Bros as well as many 3D arena based fighters).

But even the list of Platform Games have issues, since to my knowledge - Naruto Ultimate Ninja does NOT have elevation differences. Nor does Little Fighter 2. There's also no distinction made between games like Super Smash Bros (Side view) and games like Power Stone (Top down angled view).

In short, I think these indexes, tropes and work pages are in need of a lot of work, for the sake of improving the wiki and work browsing qualities of this site.

12:27:13 PM Mar 20th 2015
Such splits are notoriously hard to maintain. I am thinking no, sorry.
12:29:15 PM Mar 20th 2015
Pity. It would be more convenient to browse if it was re-arranged and split into more tropes. But if it's not feasible, then that's just how it is.

Thanks for the reply.
06:17:30 PM Aug 7th 2011
I'm not sure how accurate this is as a history of fighting games, but it reads too much like a combination of factoids, with little information of general interest:

There were at least four fighting games for the original NES, one based on the anime YuYu Hakusho and using a completely different interface. The screen was divided in half, with each fighter shown from the perspective of their opponent. The fighters were never seen to actually hit each other, which saved on animation, but the results of attacks would carry across. Then there were Joy Mech Fight. Yie Ar Kung Fu, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters, which used a more traditional engine.
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